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Random thoughts to get the day rolling

• What’s up with that heel pain I’m feeling after kicking a soccer ball with the kids last night?

• Will this need surgery? Will this affect my golf game?

• My solution, because I’m not a doctor, is to soak it in the pool this weekend and see what happens when I fuel it with some margs. That’s right, I’m getting off the value brands for a weekend. It’s going to be like 86-88 on Saturday, which means margs and football.

• Last night, I shouldn’t have watched that PBS documentary on the Marsh Pride lions before going to bed. No, there weren’t nightmares of lions being poisoned by farmers, but it just wasn’t the best way to end the day. I should’ve watched people screaming at each other on political shows.

• I’m still thinking about the local coffee joint that asks you for a tip, to your face, at the drive-thru. My wife was right, it puts the customer in an awkward spot. She warned me, but I had to experience it for myself.

• Chargers-Chiefs on Thursday Night Football? Are you kidding me? Time to get locked and loaded, fellas.

• If there were ever a weekend to get things done on a college football Saturday, this is it. Go ahead and sacrifice this Saturday to your wife. Just make it clear this is one of very few you’re willing to give up.

The Art of the Garage Fridge

• Galen in Johnson City, TN writes:

Hey Joe,

Enjoying all the pics and stories behind the beer fridges. If a man doesn’t have a beer fridge, kegerator, etc., well, he probably mows on Saturdays!
I humbly submit mine…nothing fancy. The obligatory local breweries from Johnson City, TN and Asheville, NC.

But, in this most holy season of SEC Football, I include my school’s iconic T along with the 2022 SEC Helmet Schedule.

The Helmet Schedule is a great conversation piece as the season goes on.

It’s like the water cooler at work!  Who are your hated rivals playing? Who has the toughest schedule left? Where will the 3:30 SEC Game be next week? When will College Gameday come to a big SEC Game?

As always, thank you for making the ‘net sane again!

• Adam P. in Lakewood, CO writes:

Attaching 2 pics of my fridge; it is a little barren at the moment, but a quick trip to the Costco booze store will fix that. This fridge is my first garage beer fridge, courtesy of the prior owners of the home. The owners passed and the fridge was part of my purchase. As you can see from the photo, the kitchen was a bit outdated and I ended up doing a total gut. The only remaining item was this fridge and I like to think that somewhere the past owner is smiling at its current use.

If I make the SC cut, I have a question for the community. My garage is attached, but in the heart of winter in CO, the temps in the garage drop below freezing. Last year there were several skunked beer casualties due to the freeze. Without heating the entire garage, any thoughts on how to prevent this issue going forward? Winter is coming!

[Kinsey note: Adam might want to read Wednesday Screencaps where Deke walked us through how he keeps his fridge compressor running. It’s worth a look.]

Much appreciated, and it goes without saying that you have created something great. I rarely miss a day and look forward to all the content. And my offer still stands, come to Denver and I will host you at my course (Lakewood CC), home of the best pour this side of the Mississippi. Have a great day my man.

• Mike S. from Ashland, MO writes:

So I am the guy who emailed you about “bush hog vs brush hog” earlier this year and you ran with it. To my delight and to the dismay of my suburban friends bush hog won the debate. Saw your discussion of garage refrigerators and thought you would enjoy this classic.

I delivered appliances 25-30 hours a week to pay my way through college from 1982-1985 (yes it can be done Sleepy Joe) and drug this Hotpoint beauty out of a root cellar back in the 80’s and had to have it. It’s been in my basement since 1992 when I built my house and still keeps my beer cold.

Yes it’s pink, and the little freezer on the top right has to be defrosted every 6 months or so, but it’s my all-time favorite refrigerator.  I have no idea how old it is, probably built in the 50’s.  But when it dies a piece of me will die with it.

When I first opened Mike’s email, I thought that was some sort of pink mini-fridge out of a college dorm and then Mike provides an awesome story. This is what it’s all about with the Art of the Garage Fridge.

There’s no need for stickers when this beauty is its own piece of art.

Well done, Mike.

• Dusty in Nixa, MO writes:

This is a pic of my freezer in my garage. Since we do not have kids we have plenty of beverage space in the house fridge. I am a big sticker head! I have my yeti coolers decked out my storm shelter has stickers etc… I think you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes & by what stickers they are representing. The yeti cooler has most of my band stickers but you have to get a sticker for every show you go to. I will send some pics of the cooler & storm shelter later. Maybe some day you will be able to sport a Bengals Super Bowl sticker on your fridge

Go Chiefs!

Howard Stern listeners

• Jeff in Latrobe, PA writes:

Hi Joe.  Do you happen to know what kind of numbers woke moron Howard Stern draws now?  I thought I heard not too long ago his platform was giving away 3 months for only 1 dollar, which can’t be good.  

In Q1, SiriusXM reported a paid subscriber count of 32 million. How many of those people listen to Howard work like two days a week once a month? I have no idea. Stern is now 69 years old, his wife is an animal activist and he’s firmly living in the woke world and he’s had a horrible time making a headline in what feels like 15 years. He mailed it in a long time ago.

Why listen? Someone tell me that.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com  

Bill C., who hates Costco, couldn’t believe his eyes when this showed up in Mississippi…it’s a bad week for Bill

• Bill writes:

Probably on their way to the local Costco.

The Art of Harissa Sauce & more ramblings

• Beau in Toledo IS BACK & you know it’s always a wild ride when he stops by, especially when the email comes in at almost 11 ET on a TNML eve. (New OutKick editors: Don’t touch this man’s email. Leave it AS-IS. No Edits! It’s tradition!):

So I’ve been catching up on the last few days of #ScreenCaps after some busy time at work and harvest time in the #RedNeckGarden… pics of the poblano peppers picked and smoked before dehydrating attached.  If the cabbage turns out ok for sauerkraut, I’ll add that.  Jared some smoked serrano peppers in oil 2 weeks ago…we’ll see how that turns out.

First; Some Things:
1) #DailyHildee is a must
2) dalASS cowboys cheerleaders have a better record than the actual team
2.2) who’s the Most Hated Team and WHY?!?
(Chili War 2.0?!?) 

Next Thing:
Polish Brandon C. in A2, if I may nominate that as His Official ‘CapNation Nickname(Polish Brandon for short, if You wish; I work with a Polish Joe, who immigrated here LEGALLY, ftr), and I need to have a convo… Malczewski’s Catering, a locally known source of OldSchool Pierogi(NO SUGARS IN THE CHEESE, DAMMIT[farmer’s cheese]), has recently closed due to retirements and the fact that the later generations don’t want the responsibility of running the Show… Lil’ Woman is American with Polish, German, and Russian Heritage and remembers how Babcia (Busia for the Amaricanized version) used to make them… I’d love to ask Polish Brandon if he knows where I can find farmer’s cheese to make our own pierogi. And I know it’s a big ask, but if He or anyone else knows the proper process for fresh horseradish, I’d like to request that a well… if He has Knowings, I would appreciate it … harvest time for it is here (don’t harvest horseradish unless the month has an “R” in it, per OldSchool Folk), and the last time i made it it was schizophrenic… one bite, nothing, next bite was DEADLY… I crave Knowings.

Oh, and another Thing: 

That harissa sauce profiled by chef Andrew Gruel… it
peaked my interest… had to look it up, and realized i 
Easy Homemade Harissa (How to Make Harissa) | The Mediterranean Dish have most of the ingredients here… 

Something tells me I found a purpose for the dried peppers i got from https://www.sanmarcosmexicanrestaurants.com/find-us/3613040 will be put to good use. 

I didn’t get this fat from beer alone!  

Signed, THE newly crowned by @JoeBiden a domestic terrorist formerly know as,

Beau in Toledo 

The guy pumps out sauces and emails while facing a huge day of mowing. That’s just how versatile he is. You gotta respect it.

Screencaps reader needs help

• Josh P. writes:


I posted the below message a month or so ago on LinkedIn and had a few leads but they ultimately went nowhere. I’m not on any other social media.  I’m trying to find the family of this veteran who would like to have this heirloom knife of his. I do not want anything in return. If this were my father or grandfather, this would be priceless.  I’m hoping the Screencaps members or TNML members could potentially help.

Thanks for your time. Keep the Screencaps articles coming. Fascinating stuff…

A friend got this for me in Louisville, KY at a gun show because the original owner and I share the same last name. I have ran it down our family tree and can find no relative that this would belong to.

Is anyone out there a relative of this gentleman? I would like to get this back in the hands of the family of Mr. “EB” Poynter who served our country. I am not on any other type of social media so I would appreciate any help in getting this out there.


Mowing inspiration for league night…someone beat Joe H. in Delaware, OH

• Joe writes:

Love reading screencaps each day.  Here are some shots of my Delaware, Oh lawn last night. Had a lot of rain lately so it couldn’t wait until Thursday. 

And that’s it.

Let’s get moving. I have things to do on this beautiful September day like mowing the grass.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com  

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