Yale Found ‘Illegally Discriminating’ Against White and Asian Students

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Thursday, the Department of Justice found Yale University’s undergraduate admissions process to “illegally discriminate” against White and Asian students.

The DOJ explained, “A two-year investigation into the Ivy League school found that ‘race is the determinative factor in hundreds of admissions decisions each year,'” and is in violation of Title VI of the 964 Civil Rights Act.

Yale must now agree not to use race or national origin as criteria in its next admissions cycle, and that if it is to consider race in the future,  “it must first submit to the Department of Justice a plan demonstrating its proposal is narrowly tailored as required by law, including by identifying a date for the end of race discrimination.”

According to the DOJ probe, Asian American and White students are one-tenth to one-fourth as likely to be admitted to Yale as Black students with comparable academic resumes.

The press release added, “Yale rejects scores of Asian American and White applicants each year based on their race, whom it otherwise would admit.”

Before we go any further, here are some words to describe Yale’s admissions process: ludicrous, racist, and pathetic.

Yale, of course, denied the act of racism.

Karen Peart, a university spokeswoman, told CNBC the Justice Department made its conclusions before Yale had provided “enough information.”

This situation is embarrassing. It’s inexcusable to accept or not accept a student based on their race. Furthermore, it’s punishable. At least it should be. What makes it worse, corporate America favors Ivy-educated graduates. A Yale acceptance could change a student’s life, as well as their future family.

Not shockingly, the media is ignoring this finding. Perhaps, the opportunists disguised as journalists didn’t see it as a brand-building topic. Because that is how they pick and choose when to display outrage.

The country’s academic system is deeply flawed. In high school, college is preached as a must. And the admissions process is bogus. They judge applicants on race. Some prestigious colleges — USC most noteworthy — have taken bribes from rich, celebrity parents.

What’s more, students who are accepted, often have to take out student loans that lead to substantial early-life debt and reliance on the government, who they are encouraged to borrow money from. (Hmm…)

Yale should be ashamed. And high school graduates should strongly consider Mike Rowe’s program, which provides individuals the opportunity to get a head start in an in-demand, skilled labor field.

“I’ve been talking a lot about $1.5 trillion in student loans on the books and the very real fact that that’s a millstone around the next hundreds of thousands of kids,” Rowe said. “People are getting that message, but they’re also now seeing that there is a difference between skills that are in demand and education that is not.”

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. Great article but this hits a nerve. This upsetting as a Latino Dad. The bigotry of low expectations. It really makes me sick. WE DONT NEED EXTRA PRIVILEGES WE ARE SMART ENOUGH.

    • That’s an interesting perspective I hadn’t thought of. By favoring minorities over Whites and Asians, Yale is actually telling the minorities they weren’t good enough to make it in without their help. The “Bigotry of low expectations,” well put.

  2. Great writing, Bobby, and great points all around. Adding Mike Rowe and his insights to the storyline was impactful, and an important reality check.
    You are so right, “the country’s academic system is deeply flawed”!!!

  3. If progressives were serious about eradicating racism, they would be pushing for admissions or hiring processes where applicants did not include their gender or race. But, as recent events have further cemented, progressives ONLY care about race and gender.

    Can’t solve racism with racism. Don’t need a degree from Yale to tell me that.

  4. The University of Texas is facing a lawsuit for the same practice. They were admitting lesser qualified minorities over qualified whites into their school.

    The University of Michigan lowered their LSAT score so minorities could get admitted into their law school program.

    As a minority, I would be offended. But unfortunately, many minorities don’t have a problem with it and they take full advantage of the situation.

  5. This sounds like affirmative action, which already has some flaws (and some merit), was abused by Yale. A good solution is to make tiers of applicants arranged by how qualified they are, predetermine how many people willl get in from a certain qualifications tier, and do a ping pong ball lottery system for each tier. This way, no one can bitch to the administrators for being racist, reverse-racist or any other -ist (except fatalist). We will leave this up to the gods or the random chaos of the universe- depending on your viewpoint. If you don’t make it to Yale, I hope you applied to Harvard, Brown and Columbia as well. If you don’t get into any of the schools after multiple lotteries, perhaps you should figure out why you have such bad juju in your life.

    • The only “affirmative action” system I can get behind is the North Carolina system of identifying counties within the state that are underrepresented at their state universities. They set aside slots for applicants from those counties who are qualified but may be dwarfed by more candidates who are similarly qualified from other larger counties. Typically, these counties are overall poorer than the others. Race, gender, whatever has no bearing on this preference. North Carolina just wants everyone from throughout the state to be able to attend a state university.

      What a crazy concept.

  6. Ivy League universities are progressive indoctrination camps….albeit with extremely high admission fees. The rich & powerful leftist$ won’t have problems getting THEIR spoiled kids in, of course. Perhaps when those spots are taken by…let me tread lightly here in this woke age… less academically-gifted affirmative action admissions, things might magically change. Not that anyone should care whether a network anchor or Senator’s kid is forced to attend Montclair State rather than Cornell.

    Leftists and their media enablers have always been disingenuous, full-of-shit hypocrites. But perhaps it’s time the veneer is stripped off these overpriced, elitist enclaves of the woke. The irony is…in the Marxist state that college administrators so promote, those Ivy League degrees will no longer matter. No, the street hustlers running the lawless political system won’t be holding degrees…they’ll be standing on shattered police cars holding signs (and guns). The first ones to go will be the white-guilt ridden university presidents. Perhaps the only consolation from the coming madness.

  7. I’m from Greenwich (right down the road) and have known a few dozen kids who went there. Unless you’re a legacy (which most all were), you don’t get in. My question is why would you want to go there to begin with? I question if anyone had actually visited the campus beforehand. The surrounding area looks like what I’d image those “protest” zones in the Pacific Northwest are like.

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