XFL Quarterback Gets Defense’s Calls In Helmet Speaker As Las Vegas Field Offers Ironic Advertising For Drinking And Hangovers

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Battlehawks quarterback A.J. McCarron completed 79.3% of his passes for 236 yards and three touchdowns in St. Louis’ 23-point win over Las Vegas on Saturday night. The former three-time national champion at Alabama continues to be one of, if not the best signal-caller in the XFL.

Although McCarron has played well all season, his best game of the year came against the Vipers. And he may have had a little bit of help in reading the defense.

St. Louis was dealing with communication issues. The link between its quarterback’s helmet speaker and the coaching staff was not cooperating.

In turn, McCarron had to run to back and forth to the sideline to get the play calls from his coordinator. While that may not have been a big help in efficiency, the mixed signals may have been.

Instead of hearing the Battlehawks’ offensive calls in his helmet, McCarron was hearing the defense. The broadcast claimed that he was hearing St. Louis’ defensive coordinator’s calls, but that math doesn’t add up.

Why would McCarron, on offense, hear his defensive coordinator’s calls when the defense is not on the field? There’s a legitimate chance that he was picking up the Vegas’s calls, which would certainly help McCarron in reading, well, Vegas’ defense.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the XFL’s worst stadium, a hilarious dichotomy was on full display with the league’s on-field advertisements. The XFL could not secure Allegiant Stadium as the home of the Vipers.

Instead, they play at Cashman Field. It was a minor league baseball stadium in the 1980s that was renovated and converted to a minor league soccer field in 2019.

Cashman Field, home of the Las Vegas Vipers

On one end, Las Vegas promoted Teremana Tequila. On the other end, it promoted Pedialyte.

Tequila leads to hangovers. Hangovers are cured by Pedialyte.

The XFL 3.0 reboot has been interesting, to say the least. Its viewership may not be that big, but it continues to grab headlines with quirky moments and not-so-coincidental advertising.

And the Battlehawks always seem to be involved. They are the second-best team in the league and continuously get mixed up in the chaos! Saturday’s blowout win was no different.

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