WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Comments On Potential Match With ‘The Rock’

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If there’s one wrestler in WWE that seems to draw a reaction, it’s the company’s current Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Along with ‘advocate’ Paul Heyman and his two cousins, the Usos, Reigns is currently the top talent on WWE’s Friday night live show Smackdown.

The champion is set for a title defense this Sunday, as he will take on Rey Mysterio in the PPV ‘Hell in the Cell.’

After what’s expected to be a likely win, Reigns will move on to the WWE’s biggest event of the summer on Saturday, August 21st in Las Vegas and defend his title at SummerSlam against an opponent to be determined.

That opponent has been rumored to be none other than John Cena, who hasn’t wrestled in a match since going up against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania two years ago.

A match between Cena and Reigns would be a huge draw for the company, and reports say that talks to land Cena for a one-time match are ongoing.

Cena against Reigns isn’t the only match that many want to see featuring the Universal Champion, as there’s another potential matchup in WrestleMania bout next April that has people talking.

That match would feature Reigns going up against his cousin and longtime WWE superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The rumor of a match between Reigns and The Rock has been bantered about for a while, but thus far, the timing just hasn’t been right. Johnson’s movie slate is the biggest reason why the bout has yet to take place.

Reigns recently was asked about the potential match, knowing what a huge draw it would be for the fans.

“Yeah, that is a dream for a lot of our fans, but it ain’t a dream of his [The Rock], you know what I mean? I get a lot of this with Dwayne and John Cena as well,” Reigns said.

“These guys are doing very well for themselves, there’s no question about it.

“So I don’t know, if I were these guys, I don’t know if I’d wanna come back and deal with me. I am a problem right now for everybody. If I were them, I’d stay on set and keep pumping out these streaming service movies. Don’t come to the ring… is what I would do.”

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