WWE Champ Seth Rollins Cast In MCU’s Upcoming ‘Captain America’ Sequel; Will This Movie Be Any Good? (Nah)

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Here’s a glint of hope for those dreading the upcoming “Captain America” sequel.

While it seems that the Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t get anything right — not named “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” — after “Avengers: Endgame,” they’re upping the star power for their next “Captain America” sequel by adding WWE superstar Seth Rollins to the cast.

MCU Casts WWE Star Seth Rollins

The wrestling star was spotted on set in Atlanta in what will assumedly be a villain’s role. Details on the plot for “Captain America: New World Order” (the fourth installment of the “Cap” franchise) have been kept under wraps. Speculation around Rollins’ character is that the famed wrestler will either play “King Cobra” or “Constrictor” — MCU comic book villains.

“New World Order” is also the unofficial title of the sequel.

(Are you excited for the next ‘Cap’ film?)

This isn’t the first time the “Captain America” films have used a big-named fighter in their movies. The critically praised “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” featured UFC legend Georges St-Pierre as Cap side-villain, Batroc.


The last time we saw Captain America, he was in that ‘meme-ified’ Joe Biden scene at the end of Endgame, so the suit now belongs to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon.

As the new Captain America, Mackie will attempt to recapture the same charm and sense of heroism as Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers.

So, the big question looms…

Will ‘Cap 4’ Be Any Good?

Not to be a pessimist, but not the odds don’t look favorable. And if someone tells you otherwise, they’re probably a fanboy.

The main point against this movie: the studio picked director Julius Onah to helm the project.

Aside from an unknown 2015 spy thriller titled “The Girl Is In Trouble” and 2019’s “Luce,” Onah directed the atrocious “Cloverfield: Paradox” for Netflix in 2018. Onah fell victim to a messy script, and considering that the MCU has been writing their latest movies with their eyes closed — minus “Guardians” — it’s hard to believe he’ll pull off Cap’s “New World Order” storyline with grace. Onah can barely direct his own writing — when he’s directing someone else’s writing … not good.

How did Onah get the job … who knows …

How does the MCU expect audiences to like Sam Wilson as the new Cap after a dreadful “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” TV series … who knows!

It will likely be the first misstep in the line of successful Captain America films after an incredible three-movie run; starting with “First Avenger”; really upping the ante with “Winter Soldier”; and exceeding all expectations with an Avengers-esque “Civil War” in 2016.

This is the age of the misguided Marvel Studios. The kids will never know how good audiences had it in the 2010s with this superhero franchise.

Seth Rollins and “Captain America 4” are expected to hit the big screen on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Pour one out for Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and the MCU. Perhaps they can fall back on the box office from “The Marvels” … go woke, go broke.

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