Wrestler ‘Knocks Out’ Her Opponent By Twerking In The Ring

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The WWE isn’t the only wrestling organization in the world with incredible storylines and wrestlers with awesome finishing moves. It turns out the Japanese women’s professional wrestling promotion Stardom does a pretty good job at both as well.

One of their wrestlers put both the storyline and finishing move ability on full display on Friday. British wrestler Mariah May stepped into the ring during New Blood 9 on June 2 as her masked alter ego Sexy Dynamite Princess.

Twerking Wrestler Mariah May aka Sexy Dynamite Princess
Sexy Dynamite Princess twerking in the ring (Image Credit: Stardom/Twitter)

Sexy Dynamite Princess was teamed up with Waka Tsukiyama for a tag team match against Imoka Ozaki and Chairman Ram of Rebel X Enemy. During the match May’s alter ego deployed an amazing finishing move.

The Sexy Dynamite Princess unleashed her twerking ability upon her opponent, Chairman Lam. As you might expect from such a move, Lam was immediately knocked unconscious and left twitching on the canvas.

Match over, right? Sexy Dynamite Princess’ finishing move worked. Her opponent was rendered useless by the unstoppable power of her middle of the ring twerking.

All she had to do was walk over and pin her opponent. Somehow that didn’t happen. In a plot twist for the ages, Sexy Dynamite Princess and Waka Tsukiyama ended up losing the match.

Put Sexy Dynamite Princess’ Name Down In The Wrestling History Books

Lam’s tag team partner, Ozaki, entered the ring to help out her partner who proved to be no match for Sexy Dynamite Princess’ twerking. In a wild turn of events, Ozaki ended up pinning Tsukiyama.

Unfazed by the disappointing loss, the twerking alter ego had this to say, “We might have lost, but who’s the sexiest? Club Venus.”

Take that Vince McMahon. You’re not the only one who can develop wrestling talent, create storylines that include crowd pleasing alter egos, and help come up with finishing moves.

They’ve got some talented folks over in Japan putting in some work. A twerking move in the middle of the ring that incapacitates whoever is standing in its path is genius level stuff.

The folks at the WWE need to get back in the lab.

Written by Sean Joseph

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