World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party-Goers Will Have To Find Some New Spots To Drink

Even though COVID rates have been down throughout the South since the beginning of football season, St. Simons Island officials decided to prescribe to Fauci fear-mongering by banning alcohol at the beach for the Georgia-Florida Cocktail Party. The move, voted 6-1 by Glynn County officials, is being sold as a means of minimizing large public outdoor gatherings.

The beach, which is located just north of Jacksonville in Bruswick, Georgia, has become a notorious party atmosphere each year, referred to by locals as “frat beach” when UGA and UF square off each fall.

Glynn County Commissioner Cap Fendig, who personally proposed the unscientific ban, said he hopes fewer public safety personnel will be needed this weekend.

“We’re drawing the line because our community is not coming up with a Plan B,” Fendig said. “I think it’s the right thing to do.”

No word on whether Glynn County will continue this ban in perpetuity during flu season, which is more deadly than COVID, as reported this morning by OutKick.

Written by TK Sanders

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