‘World’s Hottest Speed Skater’ Jutta Leerdam’s Mexico Vacation Comes To An End, Not Before She Hits The Squat Rack & Turns Heads In A High Slit Dress

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Jutta Leerdam had her work cut out for her at the beginning of this leg of her off-season vacation and on all scorecards she delivered. Did she receive help from her social media marketer sister? If so, could the “World’s Hottest Speed Skater” have delivered on her own?

These are questions that we’ll likely never know the answers to. What we do know is that Leerdam brings her “A” game with her to social media. I’m talking about the 1000m one she uses to dominate that distance with on the ice.

Jutta Leerdam World's Hottest Speed Skater
Jutta Leerdam of Netherlands competing at the ISU World Speed Skating Championships (Photo by Douwe Bijlsma/BSR Agency/Getty Images)

Leerdam went from bikini time during the day and nights out with the girls to squats at the gym and turning heads in a high slit black dress. That’s top level influencer stuff right there, which she technically is with over four million followers on Instagram.

Prior to hitting the gym for a quick workout, she dropped the “Woman in black” which comes equipped with a deep V neck and a couple of waist high slits running up the legs. To say it was well received would be an understatement.

Some time before packing her bags and preparing for her next flight, Leerdam hit up the Tulum Jungle Gym. She did some of her favorite workout outdoors in nature.

If you guessed that she cranked out a few squats then you’ve been paying attention. She dominated the squat rack making easy work of the weights.

Jutta Leerdam World's Hottest Speed Skater
Dutch speed skater hits Tulum Jungle Gym (Image Credit: Jutta Leerdam/Instagram Story)
Jutta Leerdam World's Hottest Speed Skater
World’s Hottest Speed Skater hits the squat rack (Image Credit: Jutta Leerdam/Instagram Story)

That’s How You Wind Down A Trip In Impressive Fashion

Sadly, for those who were hoping there was a few more days from Tulum, the bags are packed and Leerdam is already on her way out.

Is she headed home? Are there more stops following Miami and Mexico? Is it time to get back to the speed skating grind and prepare for another season?

All valid questions, but ones there’s no way of knowing right now. Whether she’s training or squeezing in another trip before she laces up the skates she’ll be sharing and the internet will be paying attention.

There’s a reason the OutKick Culture Department handed out such a highly sought after title to the Dutch speed skater. Leerdam continues to

Jutta Leerdam World's Hottest Speed Skater
The trip to Tulum has come to an end (Image Credit: Jutta Leerdam/Instagram Story)

Written by Sean Joseph

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