World’s Dirtiest Person Has Died At 94, Hadn’t Showered In 60 Years

Sad news as an Iranian man dubbed “The World’s Most Dirtiest Person,” has passed away at the age of 94.

Amou Haji’s claim to fame was that he hadn’t showered in 60 years because he believed soap and water would make him sick.

The dude was a straight up badass.

He took “World’s Dirtiest Person,” to new heights. His favorite food was rotted porcupine. He would drink 5 liters of water a day from puddles. And he liked to smoke animal feces out of a pipe. That’s apparently healthier than whatever is in cigarettes.

He spent the majority of his time living a simple, hermit-like life with an open brick hut that he called home.

I mean just look at how dirty his are fingers here. Can confirm, world’s dirtiest person.

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Amon’s hygiene concerns may have been warranted however, because human beings like the arrogant jerks that they are, got so mad at him that they forcibly brought him to a place to shower.

That was a few months ago. And now he’s dead.

The locals claimed that if he showered he could make friends. Well maybe Amou didn’t want to make friends. He was fine living off roadkill and doing what he did, not bothering anybody. And to be fair, I can think of a couple of my fat friends that smell like rotted meat and hang out in their basements all day that probably smell worse than Amon.

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I love stories like this when someone goes against the system and beats it. Dude was like I’m not gonna listen to any of you, I’m gonna just live off the Earth and and do what I want and not put any chemicals in my body. And he lived longer than the vast majority of humans do. That is such a huge Win.

60 years not showering is so long. We’re talking before we (allegedly) landed on the moon. Before JFK was assassinated. Back when the Yankees were good with Mantle and all the greats.

So RIP Amou, and for the a-holes that made him shower, look what you did! Mind your own business next time.

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Written by Mike Gunzelman

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