Words Mean Nothing: Fauci Changes ‘Fully Vaccinated’ To Now Include Boosters

Promoting more shots than a Cancun bartender, Dr. Anthony Fauci has tried to keep himself relevant by advising Americans to take an unspecified number of COVID boosters to reach “full” vaccination status. The norm in dosage looks to now be three total shots rather than two.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Dr. Fauci provided updates to the latest COVID guidelines as the Pfizer-BioNTech booster rolls out. With many metropolitan cities demanding full vaccination status to allow patrons in bars, gyms and schools, Dr. Fauci got the call (from his booking agent) to give his thoughts on the COVID booster vis-à-vis natural immunity.

“It is an assumption that it’s okay to get infected and to get mild-and-moderate disease as long as you don’t wind up in the hospital and die. And I have to be open and honest, I reject that,” said Dr. Fauci, touting the need for continued boosters and vaccines to “prevent” cases of COVID.

Fauci’s logic doesn’t hold true. Months of data reinforce the reality that vaccinated people will continue to get infected — and perhaps have an even higher likelihood of contracting a breakthrough infection than those with natural immunity.

Fauci also noted that the increased protection provided by the booster, albeit for only a short window of time, will be the key to being “fully vaccinated” going forward, potentially adding updates to citywide vaccination mandates imposed on workers and patrons.

While the nation’s expert in telemedicine flaunts fatal trips to the hospital as a reason for increased vaccination, Americans’ chances at surviving the virus still remain incredibly high — making Fauci’s take an opinion without substantial data to support it.

As reported by OutKick‘s TK Sanders, the age demographic susceptible to the most risk from the virus (ages 85+) still boasts a survival rate above 97 percent.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Pfizer just changed the name of ivermectin because it was in its last year of its patent and would then be available for generics. The media pushed the “horse paste” narrative and now Pfizer will make billions more. Are you paying attention yet?

  2. Stop calling them vaccination, it does not by any definition (except the one the CDC changed in the last month to allow the Vaxx/Jab to fit into their new definition). Also, stop calling them breakthrough cases. Call them what they are: Vaxx Failure Cases. All this when they have NO IDEA of the long term effects. People at the FDA and CDC should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    This is such a clear money and power grab it’s unreal that people are putting this crap into their body, especially people who only eat organic foods.

  3. I’m sure the 600 people United airlines just fired appreciate the latest moving goal posts on vax status definition. Every employee trying to adhere to these arbitrary rules to please doltish employers will now have their job in never-ending peril, so Enjoy chasing this rainbow. Tip: When they finally hand you their special “koolaid” to drink as a health stipulation to remain employed I’d recommend pausing then before you sip. Every business that wants to enforce vax status mandates will need to hire a department of comrades just to keep up with Fauci and the CDC’s scientific opinions of the day. Serves them right. I’m waiting for my employer to start the threats of vax mandates soon, so we’re all in for a bumpy ride while the idiots are in charge.

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