Women Buy Their Husband’s Matching Dissolvable Swim Trunks Then Take Video Of Them Going For A Quick Swim

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Women enjoying what appears to be a group vacation of some kind decided to pull a nasty prank on their husbands. The unsuspecting men are just trying to enjoy some time away from the rest of society with some cold drinks and sunshine.

The cube-trained men are all seen making their way to a pool with a drink in their hand. They thought that they were simply tricked into wearing matching swim trunks, which they were. But the prank didn’t end with the matching appearance.

Dissolvable Swim Trunks
Husbands tricked by their wives into wearing dissolvable swim trunks (Image Credit: Andrea DeSerto/TikTok)

The men soon find out that the fact that the swim trunks look the same is just the beginning of their wives’ trickery. Once poolside, the husband’s pose for a few pictures as their wives requested.

They then, again at their wives’ urging, all make their way into the pool. Soon after getting into the water they start to realize what their devious significant others were really up to.

The swim trunks are matching and they’re also dissolvable. Most of the men were sent running out of the pool before their trunks completely dissolved.

Some employed the one-handed sack basket as they made their way for some new swim trunks that wouldn’t fall apart in water. There were even a couple of the men who embraced the situation.

Are Dissolvable Swim Trunks Grounds For Divorce?

This is exactly the reason you don’t let your wife dress you. Especially in matching clothing with anyone else. Never fall for that.

The matching swim trunks and the urging by the women to get in the water should have been really big red flags. The fact that nobody sniffed it out is disheartening.

So is the fact that there wasn’t a follow up video detailing how a couple of the men filed for divorce. Imagine if the roles were reversed.

For starters, the women would never wear any swimwear that their husband bought them. For the sake of argument, let’s say they did. If their swimsuit started to dissolve they’d be beyond pissed.

Written by Sean Joseph

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