Woman Takes Out Newspaper Ad To Expose ‘Filthy Cheater’ Husband

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Somebody cheated on the wrong woman. And she paid him back with a full-page ad in a local newspaper exposing everyone in town to what a “filthy cheater” he is.

Readers of the Mackay and Whitsunday Life newspaper in Australia were greeted this week by a full-page ad taken out by a woman only known as Jenny. The ad exposed her husband, Steve, as a cheater.

The ad reads, in all caps, “Dear Steve, I hope you’re happy with her. Now the whole town will know what a filthy cheater you are. From Jenny.”

At the bottom of the ad she pointed out that she used his credit card to pay for it.

Mackay and Whitsunday Life/Facebook

And people say newspapers are dead

The scandalous full-page ad quickly gained a ton of attention from the locals. Many of the newspaper’s 50,000 readers flooded the newspaper with attempts to uncover the true identities of Jenny and Steve.

There were so many requests that the newspaper decided to address the “filthy cheater” ad. They did so with an announcement on Facebook.

The newspaper’s statement read, “We have been inundated with dozens of messages this morning about the Advert on Page 4 of Mackay Life. As there’s too many to reply to; we would like to address it here.”

Newspaper Ad: No chance of reconciliation?

It went on to explain that they don’t know who Steve is and that they won’t be revealing any details about Jenny. They also said that the credit card used to purchase the ad had not been charged.

It’s probably been a tough couple of days for many of the local Steves. The actual Steve, if that is his real name, has to be keeping a low profile until all of this blows over.

Good luck to Steve and to anyone who ends up with Jenny. Just remember not to cheat on her. She plays for keeps and isn’t afraid to air her dirty laundry.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. Note to Steve’s new squeeze: If they’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you. Good luck with that …

    As for Jenny – whatever other faults she may have, I don’t think you’d have to worry about her stepping out on you with someone else.

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