Scottish Woman Sees Elvis In Ketchup, Definitely Looks More Like Iron Man

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A woman in Scotland was crushing some fast food when she glanced down at her ketchup and spotted none other than Elvis Presley — the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll — staring back at her.

Lisa Ringsell was dipping her fries and nuggets into a dipping packet of ketchup — why those aren’t more prevalent stateside is a whole other issue — when she saw this:

If you squint hard enough, that kind of, sort of, almost looks like Elvis.

Let’s let Ms. Ringsell break down the game tape of how she made this discovery.

“I looked in the pot debating if there was enough sauce to dip again and [that’s when] I saw him. As soon as I saw him, I immediately said “what?” and showed my partner,” she said. “I said to him, “This looks like Elvis”, I took the photo straight away and showed some friends.”

I don’t know about you, but I felt like I was transported to a Scottish McDonald’s while I read that.

C’mon That’s Not Elvis…

Before we delve into whether it really looks like Elvis, we need to get one thing out of the way: ketchup is not for chicken nuggets.

Far be it from me to tell people how to use ketchup in any other situation — put it on hot dogs, put it on eggs, mainline it into your veins for all I care — but when you have a spectrum of dipping sauces tailor-made for the chicken nugget, skip the ketchup. That’s fry territory (or chips to Ms. Ringsell).

Children don’t know any better but adult palates should be hankering for anything else. Barbeque sauce, honey mustard, sweet-and-sour sauce, and even ranch would all be more acceptable.

Maybe it’s a regional thing like how in Holland they put mayo on their fries (per Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction).

Still, she gets the last laugh because she made this grand discovery thanks to her ketchup proclivities.

I don’t really think it looks like Elvis… like, at all. It’s got that little swoosh of “hair,” but given the weird eyes and that straight smile, I think it’s a dead-ringer for Iron Man.

Him, or South Park‘s interpretation of Canadians.

While I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with that Ms. Ringsell’s take on Ketchup Elvis, I am happy to see that the phenomenon of foods looking that look like celebrities is back in a big way.

The Long-Awaited Return Of Food That Looks Like People

I feel like there was once a golden age of people finding foods shaped like celebrities. Old ladies with weird-shaped chip collections would even do panel on The Tonight Show (with Carson no less; back when it didn’t suck.).

Now if someone starts collecting chips like that, their family throws them in a home so fast they wouldn’t know what hit them.

Of course, that was back when there were only three channels and there was no such thing as the internet.

It’s been a while since someone found a Cheeto that looks like Jay Leno or a grilled cheese with the ghostly visage of Spiro Agnew roasted into it.

But with Ketchup Elvis, that may be about to change…

Everything old becomes new again, and I’m excited that we might be on the vanguard in a new age of food that looks kind of like celebrities if you squint a little bit and the lighting is right.

What a time to be alive.

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