Woman Rearranges Defense Lawyer’s Face After He Assaulted His Girlfriend At Bowling Alley, Cops Say

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There are different ways to handle troubling situations as we navigate through life. You can look the other way as a 65-year-old Asian woman is being stomped by a maniac who was out on parole after murdering his own mother or you can step up and do something about it.

In South Carolina, a woman chose to step up when she saw a 58-year-old defense lawyer named Pano Michael Dupree allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at a bowling alley and absolutely tattooed Pano’s face, cops say. According to a police report, Dupree walked into the Ashley Lanes Tavern bowling alley in Charleston and began arguing with his girlfriend. Cops say things escalated to Dupree “placing his arms around her neck from behind, trying to place her in a choke hold” and pulling on her hair.

That’s when an unidentified woman stepped into action and pummeled Pano’s face. When the cops showed up, Pano was alert and conscious, WCBD reports, but the damage had been done. Pano turned in this mugshot:

Pano Micheal Dupree via Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

Now I need more details on this woman kicking Pano’s ass. How many punches did this damage? Did she use a house ball to smash his face in? Does she train in MMA? Is she single? What’s her average score? Does she need an extra on her team? What kind of beer does she drink? Because I’m buying.

Look, we’re seeing all sorts of bad stuff out there where evil people are doing evil things. Let’s do our best to handle evil when we see it by at least calling 9-1-1 or yanking evil people off defenseless women. Deal?

Then, when people are done kicking the ass of alleged evil-doers, let’s sit down and celebrate the heroes out there. Buy them a cold one. Buy a round of burgers. Say thank you to those who stand up to the lunatics out there.

Thank you, bowling alley lady.

Dupree before:

Posted by Michael DuPree on Friday, January 12, 2018

Written by Joe Kinsey

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