Woman Pees Into Cups & Bottles Then Tosses Them Into A USPS Mailbox

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If there was ever a time that you wanted your mail to be lost by the United States Postal Service this is it. Nobody wants their birthday card from nana to arrive soaked in a stranger’s urine. Not even if it has $20 bucks in it.

It’s not exactly clear as to why this woman decided to drop her pants in front of a USPS mailbox then fill a few cups and bottles with pee. Perhaps, she hates the mail. Or maybe it’s the mailboxes themselves. We’ll likely never get to the bottom of it.

Woman Pees Into Cups & Bottles Then Tosses Them Into A USPS Mailbox
Woman dumps pee into mailbox (Image Credit: n0th1ng_r3al/Reddit)

The woman is caught on video, not that she was putting in any effort to conceal her activities, filling up the last of her urine filled packages. She casually drops the entire cup or bottle into the mailbox. She then reaches down for two more that she had already filled up.

Without pulling up her pants, she pours the contents of the next two cups into the mailbox. She tosses the empties on the ground, pulls up her pants, and gathers herself for a moment.

There’s a cup that she doesn’t appear to have peed in sitting in some sort of carrier at her feet. She bends over, grabs it, and walks away from the urine soaked mailbox like this is a completely normal occurrence in Tucson. Which, judging from the reactions of those around her, maybe it is.

This Didn’t Look Like This Woman’s First Time Peeing In A Mailbox

This all appears to have gone down at the Flowing Wells Plaza – fitting location – in Tucson, Arizona. The watermark on the video indicates that it’s in Tucson. A sign above the woman, off in the distance, identifies the plaza name.

I wouldn’t expect the authorities to put in much effort to find the “Flowing Wells Bandit,” but the USPS should send someone out to destroy the mailbox, never to receive another piece of mail.

If you received some mail lately from Tucson, and it smelled a little funny or had a possible yellow tint, it might have come from this mailbox.

Written by Sean Joseph

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