Woman Nursed Her Cheating Husband Back To Health Following A Car Accident Only To Have Him Cheat Again

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And you can’t teach a cheater, who suffered a brain injury, not to cheat. It’s a life lesson one woman learned firsthand.

TikToker, Kate Sifuentes, found out she was being cheated on after her husband was in a car accident. He ended up in the hospital with multiple broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. While in this state she discovered he was cheating when she looked at his phone.

Cheating Husband
Woman cheated on after nursing her cheating husband back to health (Image Credit: Kate Sifu/TikTok)

Kate told the story over three videos on TikTok. The telling of her story started when she revealed that married men were hitting her up after finding out that she was getting a divorce.

She said in that video that she had been married for five years and was cheated on for three of them. And that she had found out she was being cheated on in the most traumatic way. This piqued some interest on TikTok.

So Kate followed the first video up with another one that revealed a little more information about how she discovered that her husband was a cheater. The follow-up starts out with “Put a finger down if.”

Kate then reveals that her husband was in a bad car accident on a work trip. He ended up in a coma and doctors weren’t sure if he was going to wake up. She then explains how she stuck by his beside after finding out that he had been living a double life. A double life that meant he was cheating on her for years.

This Cheating Husband Really Likes To Cheat

You better believe people wanted more information after the second video. A few days later, Kate gave the people what they wanted. It turns out that learning about her husband’s extramarital affairs was just the beginning.

In a third video, labeled “STORY TIME!,” she goes on to explain how she nursed her husband back to health just for him to turn around and cheat on her again.

By nursing him back to health she had to help teach him how to walk, talk, eat, and even how to use his phone again. Her husband repaid her for all of the help by cheating on her again.

She said, “I was the one who freaking taught him how to use his phone, just for him to start talking to females again.”

Here’s the full story. It serves as a public service announcement for anyone who finds out their being cheating on while their significant other is in the hospital. Leave immediately….


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