Woman Knitting During US Open Isn’t A Ringing Endorsement For Tennis

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A woman was spotted knitting away to her heart’s content at the US Open, inadvertently firing a ricochet shot at the entire sport of tennis in the process.

According to the New York Post, it happened during Friday night’s match between Carlos Alcaraz — the eventual champ — and Frances Tiafoe. The match lasted over four hours but was regarded as an exciting, instant classic between a pair of up-and-coming superstars

However, for this woman, the match was enough of a snooze that she needed something else to keep her attention.

So she started going to town on a scarf or a hat or anything else you can knit.

Let’s be real for a second, at least to general audiences, tennis is not the most exciting sport in the world. If you’re trying to grow the sport, the last thing you want is someone blowing off one of the most exciting matches in quite some time in favor of what’s universally regarded as a boring hobby.

It seems like the guy next to her may have bought her the ticket for the match because he looks like he’s trying to swallow his rage. His inner monologue is probably along the lines of:

Oh my god, I can’t believe she brought the knitting stuff. Not again; not after the Belmont Stakes. Two minutes and she knitted through the entire thing. Oh well. At least we’re not on TV…

The US Open Was A Bit Of A Circus This Year

For some reason, this year’s US Open was an absolute sideshow, with this woman being the tip of the knitting needle.

You had the guy getting a haircut in the stands. Why? I have no clue, but I can’t think of a compelling reason as to why not either.

Then there was a cavalcade of stars who showed up to tip their caps to Serena Williams. Although the more cynical among us (myself included) think that they were just there to get a little face time the US Open telecasts.

Of course, that backfired for one Dionne Warwick, who was mistaken for singer Gladys Knight,

Did anyone show up to the US Open this year to just sit and watch tennis? Or was everyone there for attention or knitting?

Fortunately, no. Some were there because they love the beautiful sport of tennis.

Others, like this guy — no, hero — were there because they wanted to set the record for drinking the most honey deuces.

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