No Hard Feelings For Dionne Warwick Over Gladys Knight Mix-Up At U.S. Open

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Actress and singer Dionne Warwick was a good sport about being mixed up with Gladys Knight during TV coverage of the US Open earlier this week.

It happened during Serena Williams’ second-round match against No. 2 seed Anett Kontaveit of Estonia.

Seeing as this was likely Williams’ U.S. Open swan song, celebrities were turning out in droves to show their support… just kidding, they were mostly there to try to get some camera time.

The camera landed on Warwick, only commentators Mary Carillo and Chandra Rubin thought it was Empress of Soul Gladys Knight.

Of course, the reaction from folks on Twitter was a swift condemnation that the two commentators would have the audacity to make an honest mistake.

Cut them some slack, people get celebrities confused all the time. For most of my life, I’ve mixed up Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck, mostly because of their mustaches. (Also, I’m an idiot.)

While keyboard warriors on Twitter called for Carillo and Rubin’s heads, Warwick herself was a great sport.

She spoke to TMZ about what she called an honest mistake.

“I don’t think Chandra would ever mistake me for Gladys Knight; I know her,” Warwick said. She went on to say she believed Rubin who said she was looking at Gladys Knight in the crowd while the cameras were instead on Warwick.

Warwick said she only found out about the gaffe later and offered her response on Twitter.

So, everything is good on Warwick’s end. That’s how it should be handled.

People make mistakes. You’re allowed to just shrug them off instead of demanding they be fired.

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