Woman Gets Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend By Logging Into His ESPN Account, Ruining His Fantasy Football Team

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Breakups can get really ugly. One of the first things everyone should do these days is change the passwords on their accounts. Everything from Netflix to Amazon and even the password to your ESPN account.

One man learned this lesson the hard way and his fantasy football team paid the price for it.

The story hit Twitter on Wednesday night with the best friend of the woman telling the story and showing the damage. According to the best friend, the woman dropped every player on his fantasy team and restocked it with free agents of her choosing.

Hide your eyes if you’re sensitive about these kinds of things because this is an ugly roster. It might bring up some very bad fantasy football trauma for you.

She picked up a bunch of free agents including Colin Kaepernick, Larry Fitzgerald and Rob Gronkowski. This poor guy’s roster is a mess.

All’s fair in love and fantasy football

The best friend provided an update on the situation. The ex-boyfriend found out on Thursday morning that his team was ruined, but still didn’t change his password.

The plan was then to start Bills backup quarterback Case Keenum prior to Thursday night’s season opener. Given that he didn’t change his password we have to assume the plan went off without an issue.

So what would cause your ex to plot revenge on you via your fantasy football team? It turns out he might have gotten a little too drunk and acted a little crazy.

Now I know what some people are going to say, the league commissioner can fix all of this in a few simple steps. That is true, but I would argue these moves shouldn’t be reversed.

It’s not like he was hacked or anything. He simply didn’t change his password.

Let him serve as a reminder to everyone that you must change your passwords after a breakup. Also, no matter how poorly your fantasy football team performs this season, it can’t be any worse than this guy’s team.

Written by Sean Joseph

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