Woman Gets Hand Tattoos Because She Doesn’t Know Her Left From Her Right

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Believe it or not, there are people out there that don’t know their left from their right. One woman thought she had come up with the perfect solution to her problem with tattoos on her hands. The video of her tattoos created a ton of buzz.

Little known Irish singer/songwriter Eiza Murphy went viral out of nowhere on TikTok for sharing a video of her sister getting the tattoos. The tattoos are small and contain two letters right below her thumbs.

Sister Left and Right Tattoo TikTok
Woman gets an “L” and an “R” tattooed on her hands (Image Credit: Eiza Murphy/TikTok)

The letters are an “L” on her left hand and an “R” on her right hand. The video shows the final results of her ink work while announcing, “My sister doesn’t know her left and rights so she got them tattooed on her, lmfao.”

Millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes later, Eiza revealed that her sister isn’t happy with her because of the viral video.

Eiza shared in another video that her tatted up sister hasn’t talked to her in days. She did a side-by-side follow-up showing the original video with a new clip of her sister ignoring.

The video reads, “Help my sister hasn’t spoken to me in 3 days cause I made her original tat idea viral.”

TikTok Has Become Society’s Mirror

If you’re a person that doesn’t know your left from your right I have a feeling the tattoos aren’t going to help you much. You would probably have a hard time believing that the tattoos were on the correct hand.

Some of the comments on the original video confirm we’re all in trouble. There are apparently quiet a few people who struggle with their left and right.

“I need this right now,” said one of many commenters who thought the tattoos were a good idea.

Another admitted that her boyfriend has the same tats. She reveals that they didn’t help him at all, “My bf did this and still doesn’t know them.”

“I’ve wanted this done for the LONGEST time,” one said. “29 today and I still struggle most days.”

This is how you end up with a guy who is completely out of it leading the free world.

Written by Sean Joseph

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