Woman Facing Felony Charges Following An Avocado Attack At A Senior Living Community

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Avocados are back in a big way. Fresh off of the Super Bowl ad featuring a naked Anna Faris, the fruit is making another appearance in the news. This time an avocado was used as a weapon. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Big Avocado is just happy people are talking about their product. This particular avocado was thrown at a senior citizen by his much younger girlfriend during an argument.

The details of the argument weren’t provided, but the 68-year-old man ended up taking the fruit to the face. Unfortunately this caused an unspecified injury to the man’s eye.

Karleen Biswanger Avocado
Karleen Biswanger (Image Credit: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)

39-year-old Karleen Biswanger is facing a felony battery on a person 65 or older charge as a result. She and her senior citizen boyfriend have been living with each other for about a year at a senior living community in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The arrest report points out, probably at the request of the elderly boyfriend, that the two have been “engaging in consensual sexual intercourse.”

The avocado was one of several items thrown at the man during the argument. The arrest report goes on to say, “The defendant threw an avocado at the victim’s face causing injury to his right eye.”

“The defendant also threw a metal hanging rod at the victim causing injuries to his upper right arm and forearm.”

A neighbor witnessed part of incident, but Biswanger denied “directly striking” her boyfriend before being taken into custody. Surprisingly, it’s not the Florida woman’s first arrest.

The Avocado To The Eye Could Have Been Worth It

She reportedly has multiple convictions for illegal possession of Xanax, theft, DUI, obstructing police, probation violation, and driving without a license.

Taking an avocado to the eye at the age of 68 probably isn’t great. But being known as the 68-year-old with a 39-year-old girlfriend probably makes it easier to recover from.

It’s in writing now for all of his buddies, especially the ones who didn’t believe him. He’s big man in the senior living community right now.

We’re talking about high fives at bingo level stuff here. Possibly printouts of the arrest report being handed out during trips to the pharmacy. This guy’s a legend.

Written by Sean Joseph

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