Woman Ended Up In Hospital After Her Dog Pooped On Her Face While She Was Sleeping

Talk about a crappy way to have a nap come to an end. One minute you’re off in another world dreaming and the next you’re being pooped on by your dog.

Amanda Gommo of Bristol, England had a recent nap with her Chihuahua, Belle, come to an end when the dog unexpectedly had diarrhea on her. Not just anywhere on her, on her face and in her mouth.

“I was having my afternoon nap with Belle, like I always do, when I suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth,” Gommo said. “It was disgusting, and I was hurling violently for hours after. I just couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth.”

Image Credit: Amanda Gommo / SWNS

Gommo’s daughter took the sick chihuahua to the vet where it was diagnosed with a stomach bug and put on antibiotics. Unfortunately for the 51-year-old, her troubles were just getting started.

She started displaying the same symptoms the dog had and called for an ambulance. The attending paramedics gave her painkillers for her stomach cramps and told her to flush her system by drinking plenty of water.

Over the next two days Gommo’s condition worsened and she was cramping all over her body. She said, “The cramps got worse and worse until I could feel them all over my body — even in my legs.”

“I was so dehydrated from being sick and having diarrhea that my kidneys had shriveled to half their size.”

Gommo, once again, called for an ambulance and this time was taken to a local hospital. She was there for three days with what doctors said was a gastrointestinal infection that had been passed through her dog’s feces into her mouth.

Image Credit: Amanda Gommo / SWNS

If This Is Going To Happen Then It’s Time To Go

“I’ve forgiven Belle for her little accident and I still love her with all my heart,” Gommo stated. “But I will definitely be more mindful of what position we sleep in in the future!”

The craziest part of the story might be that Gommo didn’t get rid of the dog. In fact, she’s still sleeping with her dog. Just not in their normal dog butt pointed at her mouth position.

Look, dogs get diarrhea some times – it sucks. You clean it up and the dog gets to stay in the house. Diarrhea alone isn’t reason enough to send your dog packing.

However, when you end up in the hospital because the dog pooped in your mouth, that’s a completely different story. That dog can’t be trusted and needs to find a new home.

Image Credit: Amanda Gommo / SWNS

Written by Sean Joseph

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