Woman Attacked Jogger For Not Wearing A Bra

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A video of a woman attacking a jogger for not wearing a bra as she jogged has racked up over two million views on social media in just a couple of days. It also led to assault charges being filed.

A woman in Ottawa, Ontario pulled out her phone and jumped on Instagram Live to document a bizarre encounter she had with an upset woman. She says she was attacked by the woman for jogging without a bra on.

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The video captures the insane scene. An upset woman appears to strike the jogger several times in an attempt to get her to stop recording. The attempts were unsuccessful.

The jogger eventually makes it to her car and gets in, but is unable to drive away. The crazed woman blocked the jogger’s car with her bike. She then jumped on the hood preventing the jogger from leaving.

You Can’t Throw Punches Because You Don’t Like What Someone Is Wearing

The police were called to the scene, which took place on Wednesday evening. They determined that an assault had taken place and charged a 37-year-old woman with assault and mischief.

On Friday, police said they were still investigating what they called a “verbal altercation that escalated into a physical altercation.”

What happened to Canada? First you can’t protest and now you can’t jog without a bra on? I’ve only been a handful of times, and while I didn’t attempt to do either, I always thought it was a lovely country.

It just goes to show that crazy knows no borders.

Written by Sean Joseph


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