Wolfgang Puck Unable To Find Waiters Despite $120K Per Year Earnings

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Because the government continues to allow the unemployed to “earn” a middle-class wage while parked in front of their Xbox, the scarcity of willing workers is beginning to hit Hollywood. Award-winning celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is the latest business owner to feel the sting of an uninspired workforce.

Puck told Yahoo he’s been unable to re-open some of his restaurants, including Cartier, located in Beverly Hills because of lack of staff. Those who are working aren’t exactly scraping the barrel. Many waiters earn over six figures per year at Puck’s more than 20 eateries. “People get paid really well,” Puck said. “Still, it’s difficult to find people to work. At Chinois in Santa Monica, it’s the same thing. I cannot open for lunchtime. Or even at Spago in Beverly Hills, you know, where people, waiters, make $120,000 a year. But I cannot find them.”

Why hustle to bring a C-list celebrity tuna tartare, when you can make six figures at home without pretending to be interested in their views on oppression?

Since reopening, patrons have been quick to return to Puck’s establishments, but the chef and occasional actor said the lack of staff makes it “difficult to get back to normal business.” He continued: “The demand is definitely there. We get enough customers, but we cannot serve them. In an upscale environment, you have to give people great food and great service. So it’s difficult to find enough people.”

The two-Michelin starred chef isn’t interested in turning his gourmet cuisine into takeout: “Takeout is not our main business. Our main business is keeping the customer, making the customer happy in our restaurant, make them feel good, give them great food and great service.” Said Puck.






Written by Anthony Farris


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