Wokester Stan Van Gundy Calls Jan. 6 Worse Than Inflation

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Days after Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio angered the sports media over his comments on Jan. 6, a different member in the world of sports is sharing some erroneous thoughts on the alleged insurrection.

TNT NBA commentator, former NBA coach and 2022 OutKick Woke All-Star contender Stan Van Gundy is adding his input on the Jan. 6 discourse, calling the event worse than the historic spike in inflation currently hurting Americans.

He prefaced the take by dubbing it a non-controversial opinion, which should surely open up his mind to opposing viewpoints …

On Sunday, Van Gundy tweeted: “I can’t believe this would be a controversial statement, but it will be — inflation is not as big a problem as a U.S. President trying to overthrow the results of an election and inciting an attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

As the cost of living jumps to all-time highs for Americans, Van Gundy believes that the inescapable effect of inflation pales in comparison to liberals’ key focus on January 6, coincidentally as Republicans look to pounce on Democrats in November.

Van Gundy also made sure to note that Biden’s leadership has been superior to former President Trump’s influence and effect, with scant evidence to show for it.

“Left unchecked the threat to our democracy will affect every facet of every American’s life,” Van Gundy added.

With Del Rio getting fined $100K by the Washington Commanders, will Van Gundy be charged a fine by TNT for his debated comments?

Probably not.

Stan Van Gundy. Photo via Getty.

As for Van Gundy himself, internet boxer Jake Paul recently tweeted out the perfect response for disillusioned Democrats that stick to an unseeing rhetoric.

Paul stated,

Biden accomplishments

1. Highest gas prices

2. Worst inflation

3. Plummeting crypto prices

4. Highest rent prices ever

5. Created new incomprehensible language

If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. You know what is bigger than both? A kook trying to kill a Supreme Court justice because he disagrees with his opinions. But apparently, that is not an “assault on democracy” that warrants any action. The put up a fence for almost a year because people trespassed, but refuse to pass protections for the people sitting on the highest court. Simply because they agree with the would-be assassin. Just awful human beings.

    • It’s laughable that the white dudes whose careers are dependent upon black athlete success tend to do all that they can to placate their racial benefactors. Steve Kerr, Poppivich, Van Gundy, etc— cannot claim any measure of success without the black athletes that they don’t really coach, but just try to keep happy. They are character actors in the woke theater playing the part of the self flagellating, white elder “statesmen” who are there to really teach the peasant whites how to right think. The concept is simple, kiss black ass— if you do that enough they’ll like you. Don’t you dare stand up for yourself or your own people…God forbid…only non-whites can be proud of their race which has 1/1000000 of the accomplishments, unless we count sports that involve running fast and jumping. Evolutionary genetic traits of a people group we refer to as “talent” now a days.

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