Wokes Roast Mark Zuckerberg’s Sunscreen Usage

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Mark Zuckerberg’s sunscreen usage while surfing in Hawaii was turned into a meme over the weekend and it just might turn out that those crushing the Zuck hate coral reefs. That’s right, did any of you hammering Zuck over his sunscreen face stop and think he might be trying to save the coral reefs in Hawaii where typical sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate have been banned because they wash off and bleach the coral reefs?

According to Chasing Coral, a documentary on the oceans, that white stuff you see on Zuck’s white face is protecting the coral:

Sunscreens made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are mineral-based, so rather than being absorbed like traditional sunscreen, the particles of these ingredients sit on top of the skin and block harmful UV rays. These ingredients are less harmful to corals and are not linked to coral bleaching.

So have your fun destroying your enemy, the Zuck, and not thinking about the coral reefs. Meanwhile, Zuck’s protecting his skin and the coral that keeps his property value bloated. I can see the blue checkmarks having their fun. I can see the wokes having their fun with white face memes and the I use zinc sunscreen and it doesn’t cake like that crowd doing their thing. Maybe Zuck developed some new sunscreen that the wokes haven’t seen yet. A really white face sunscreen.

Shame on these miserable fools for crushing the guy over something like this. Crush him all you want over his social media site and other dumb things the guy does. This ain’t it chief, as the wokes like to say.

As someone who’s been cut open for skin cancer, you can never be too safe Zuck.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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