Woke Publisher Removes ‘Punisher’ Comic For Writing About Southern Border 

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The publishing company Kickstarter has removed comic book writer Mike Baron from its platform amid complaints from woke critics.

Baron authored “The Private American,” a comic that follows a vigilante on the U.S. southern border tracking down fentanyl dealers.

The thesis of the comic is timely, given the events at the border under President Biden. But, of course, such a thesis has offended the corporate press.

Specifically, the Daily Kos called the work “racist propaganda.

“Punisher writer Mike Baron releases another Racist AF comic book,” says the Kos. The truth is now racist and propagandistic, it appears.

‘Private American’ comic book cover. (Fox News/Mike Baron)

Comic responds

Monday, Baron appeared on “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the reaction to his comic and his subsequent suspension from Kickstarter.

“There’s nothing wrong with [taking on drug cartels]. It’s a classic vigilante story in the American mode,” he told host Todd Piro.

Baron is best known for penning the Marvel antihero Punisher, who he says would battle human traffickers in 2022.

“I used to write ‘Punisher’ for Marvel, and this is the same type of character. In fact, this book came about when I asked myself ‘what would The Punisher be doing today?’ He’d be down on the southern border trying to stop the flow of fentanyl into the country.”

(Fox News/Mike Baron)

The author says the comic genre suffers from the same plague as the film, music, and media industries. Wokeness has crept into the fiber of comic book publishers and consumers have responded with rejection.

“It is pretty woke, as you know, and the sales are falling,” the comic book writer said. “There’s some question of whether Marvel and DC will continue to publish comics in the future because sales are so low.”

Comics were an essential part of American culture. But few industries have proven bulletproof to uber-sensitive, supposedly politically-correct demands from the press. The perpetually outraged remain loud and effective. Yet represent only a minimal subsection of the consumer base.

“Meanwhile, there’s a whole bunch of us who call ourselves ‘Comicsgate’ that produce comics outside the normal realm, and we crowdfund our comics, and they’re highly entertaining,” Baron concludes.

“The Private American” has raised more than $40,000 through IndieGogo, which produces crowdfunding to combat the lack of mainstream publication.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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  1. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding company, not a publisher you f***** moron. And IndieGoGo isn’t here to produce “crowdfunding to combat the lack of mainstream publication”. They’re probably shadowbanning Baron right now like they do with every other Comicsgate project.

    Did you actually do any research on this or just regurgitate what you saw on Fox & Friends? Idiot.

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