Woke Mob Comes for Theater That Planned to Fast Forward ‘Lightyear’ Same-Sex Kissing Scene

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In Kingfisher, Oklahoma, a movie theater posted a warning sign at its location that it would fast forward through the same-sex kissing scene in the Toy Story spin-off film Lightyear.

But the social media users didn’t like that and posted the sign online to rally the troops. And after accusations of bigotry and homophobia, the theater reversed course before the release and showed the film uninterrupted.

The scene in question includes two females kissing. And according to reports, Disney re-added the scene into the final cut to protest the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill.

Per Variety,

“[A] kiss between the characters had been cut from the film. Following the uproar surrounding the Pixar employees’ statement and Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s handling of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, however, the kiss was reinstated into the movie last week.”

So it’s understandable why a theater would oppose promoting political messaging and same-sex kissing in a film for children. Kids should be able to go to the theaters without a film bombarding them with social justice messaging.

If that offends you, then you are part of the problem and probably a creepy MSNBC viewer.

Nonetheless, the theater caved to the mob, as so many have. The woke won, and each kid at the theater saw the two women kiss. A win for society, amirite?

It’s unclear how many tickets the Kingfisher theater sold for this film, but we will take the under on whatever the guess is. Lightyear is a dud, debuting to only $51 million over its three-day opening.

Moviegoers do not like woke films, especially when the film is for their children.

What is next? We assume this theater will issue an official apology to all those pretending to be offended by the location’s initial idea of fast-forwarding a kiss scene.

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