WNBA Player Kahleah Copper Helps Reporter Answer His Own Obvious Question

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WNBA player Kahleah Copper was not impressed by a question she received during a news conference and teed off on the reported who asked it.

The Chicago Sky star was fielding questions after the team’s 88-79 loss to the Minnesota Lynx.

One of the focuses after the game was the lack of scoring from players who came off the bench. However, in the previous game — a 104-96 win over the Dallas Wings — the opposite was the case with plentiful bench scoring.

With that in mind, one reporter asked Copper what bench players needed to do going forward to boost their production.

The question initially left Copper — who still dropped 23 points in the loss — speechless at first. She tried to get clarification and the reporter asked what the bench needed to do to contribute like they did against Dallas.

The answer is, of course, that they need to score. However, it was a while before we got to that answer.

Kahleah Copper Guided The Reporter To The Answer

“What they gotta do?” Copper said. “What’d they do last game? That’s a real question? You for real?”

It’s not the best question in the world by any metric. It’s especially not a fun one to have to field after a loss when you just want to go home.

The reporter doubled down (to his credit, he was getting the job done). This led to Copper guiding him to give the answer he was looking for

“So what’d the bench do the last game?” Copper asked the reporter.

“The bench; they played well,” the reporter responded.

“Bet. What’d they do this game?”

“Today, they didn’t do well this game?”

“Okay, so what they gotta do?” Copper asked.

She and the reporter gave the answer in unison: score. At that point, Copper was done and walked out of the press conference (which in fairness, seemed to be over anyway).

That was a loooooooong way to get to that. However, that seems to be what happens when a not-great question lands in front of an athlete who isn’t pumped about fielding not-great questions.

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