Wisconsin Old Timers Split Powerball After Creating Lottery Pact In 1992

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Tom Cook and Joe Feeney came up with an agreement way back in 1992 and shook on it. If one of them hit, they both hit the lottery. A deal was a deal and then Tom Cook bought a $22,000,000 winning ticket back in June and called his old buddy. “Are you jerking my bobber?” Joe said to Tom. No jerking around here Joe, you’re officially a millionaire and your old buddy Tom is a man of his word. A handshake deal with Tom is as good as gold.

The old timers will get $5.7 CASH after taxes. Hell no these two are taking payments. I don’t know Tom or Joe’s age, but they’re clearly in that stage of life where they just upgraded from a Holiday Inn Express to a Courtyard when they head out on the road to live it up.

I started one of these pacts back in high school with an old friend, Jimmy Nutter. We were 18 and checking lottery tickets in high school government class, dreaming of hitting and maybe scoring enough cash to get Chevy Blazers. I would’ve gone for a 3 bedroom/2 bath ranch after graduation.

Tom and Joe are literally living out our dream.

“We can pursue what we feel comfortable with. I can’t think of a better way to retire,” Cook said. Well said, sir. Go live it up.

Wisconsin men win Powerball

Written by Joe Kinsey

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