Winnipeg Jets Forward Morgan Barron Slashed By Ice Skate, Receives 75 Stitches On Face, Returns To Game

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Hockey players have guts.

Tuesday night’s NHL playoff game between the Vegas Golden Knights and Winnipeg Jets featured a scene out of a slasher flick as one unfortunate player was sliced on his face with an ice skate.

This isn’t the classic “Black Christmas” we’re talking about here … it’s a hockey game.

Winnipeg Jets forward Morgan Barron was cut near his right eye in as players bunched up around Vegas’ net during the first period. Barron stooped low enough only to have his face slashed by Golden Knights goaltender Laurent Brossoit.

Barron went to the locker room after the incident and received 75-plus stitches.

Morgan Barron Cut In The Face, Brushes Off 75 Stitches

Stitched up and shaking off the bloodbath, Barron got back to work in the second period to flex some grit.

The Winnipeg forward initially thought he had lost his eyesight after tracking the blade until it landed on his face.

“I was trying to figure out if the puck went in because it was pretty close,” Barron said after the game. “I saw the skate coming. It was an unlucky play. The first thought was that I could see out of the [right] eye was the main thing.”

Morgan Barron walked into T-Mobile Arena on Tuesday with a typical look but left appearing like a Bond villain.

Jets center Adam Lowry commented on Barron’s grisly injury. He compared it to a shark attack and noted that Barron’s cut produced a “trail of blood.”

“Looks like he got attacked by a shark,” center Adam Lowry said. “It’s a scary thing. We’re all so worried about the puck crossing the line, and all of the sudden we see a trail of blood all the way from the crease to the bench.”

Winnipeg took Game 1 of the Western Conference first-round series with a commanding 5-1 win.

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