Will Wade Addresses LSU Receiving ‘Notice Of Allegations’

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The ongoing saga at LSU involving the basketball program and Will Wade took another step this week with the school receiving a ‘Notice Of Allegations’. Most of the folks waiting on the conclusion of the Tigers beatdown of Missouri on Thursday were waiting to see if Wade would comment on the matter.

The initial response from Wade was what everyone in the room was expecting when he took the podium after the win.

“I can’t comment on any of that — on any of that stuff, so we haven’t been able to comment on it since everything started. I certainly look forward to commenting when it’s all over, but until then, they won’t allow us to comment.”

But then Wade decided to add a little color to his ‘no comment’ answer the first go-around, where he discussed his team being in Tampa to play basketball and how this doesn’t affect anybody on the team.

“I will say this: In general, Shelton (Mickles), you cover us every day. When stuff is swirling around, you have to narrow your focus, and so you can’t worry about everything that’s going on around you. You have to narrow your focus. We’re here to play basketball. Whatever is going on doesn’t affect anybody on our team. Not one of our players was here hardly. I mean, it doesn’t affect anybody.

“So we’re here to play basketball,” Wade added. “They’re focused on basketball. We talked about narrowing our focus to basketball, which we did.”

Well, the Tigers narrowed their focus enough to beat a really bad Missouri team and will now get their third matchup with Arkansas on Friday. For some reason, SEC Network analyst said that LSU getting the notice would be “fuel to the fire” for the team, Ben Fredericton tweeted on Thursday. Yea, I don’t see how that works, but whatever gets the team going I guess.

Wade spoke to the SEC Network after the win and gave somewhat of the same answer to the question.

“We just focus on what’s in front of us. It has nothing to do with any of the kids in our locker room. The bigger the game and outside noise, the more you have to narrow your focus. We’re here to play basketball and represent LSU.”

We’ll see how far this will go with Will Wade and the ongoing investigation with the NCAA, but the Tigers will have to beat the Razorbacks to stay longer in Tampa.


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