Will The NFL Allow All Political Statements On Helmets Or Just Liberal Statements?

The NFL has now decided that they will have helmet decals on their helmets that are featuring the initials or the names of people who are victims of police malfeasance.

Here is the issue that I have we this. 

If you are going to allow helmet decals, you are going to have to go back and apologize to Jason Witten because you wouldn’t allow him to wear a helmet decal with the Dallas Cowboys in honor of all the police officers who were assassinated by a member of Black Lives Matter a few years ago.

Back then the NFL said they didn’t allow political statements to be made by helmet decals.

So how in the world is the NFL going to allow a small number of helmet decals for people who were victims of police violence but they won’t allow helmet decals to honor police officers who have lost their lives trying to protect all of us.

The NFL needs to be very careful. They better not discriminate on content like the NBA is doing.  If you are going to allow statements to be made about politics on the helmets then players and teams to be able to make a variety of different statements.

That needs to be consistent.  If you are going to allow Black Lives Matter to put on people like Michael Brown when we know that “hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie.  The entire movement was a lie.

Michael Brown was not killed unjustly by a police officer.  If you allow that, you better allow players who want to honor law enforcement to do it as well.

I’ll also point this out.  The NFL would not allow Tim Tebow to put Bible verses in his eye-black.  Remember that?

If you won’t allow a player to write a Bible verse in his eye-black, how in the world do you allow a player to make a statement politically on his helmet?

The NFL better allow players who want to put Bible verses on their helmets to do so as well.

You can’t set-in-place a policy that doesn’t allow Bible verses or the endorsement of police officers for all they do for us across the country and simultaneously allow the endorsement of Black Lives Matter political slogans.

If you are going to allow this, you need to open it up to a variety of different perspectives.

People should be able to honor whatever they would like to honor if you are going to allow helmet stickers.

It needs to be consistent and it shouldn’t be content discriminatory. Everyone needs to be considered equal.

If you are going to allow BLM stickers, why about if someone is someone is pro-choice, what if someone is pro-life, what if someone is against the death penalty, what is someone is pro-Trump or pro-Biden?

Where do you draw the line on which political statements are permitted to be made on uniforms during NFL games?

If you are going to allow them, don’t lead me down the path that the NBA has adopted where they give you propaganda and require you to only have political opinions that they approve.

The NFL needs to be fair and even-handed. If someone wants a Bible verse, they can get it. If someone wants to advocate for BLM, they can do it.  If someone wants to advocate for abortion, pro or con, they should have that ability too.

I think this is a bad move for the NFL but I want it to be applied consistently.

The NFL is breaking precedent here. They didn’t allow Jason Witten and the Dallas Cowboys to advocate for officers who were shot while doing their job — executed by a member of Black Lives Matter in Dallas.

But they will allow Black Lives Matter to put names of individuals on the back of their helmets and they didn’t allow Tim Tebow to put a Bible verse in his eye-black.

This is the NFL breaking precedent. They need to be actually honest and be 100% consistent — not content discriminatory based on political opinions.

Maybe they should allow an Outkick decal or a DBAP decal on their helmets.

Written by OutKick Support


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  1. You know what would happen if a player put Back the Blue on his sticker? The other players would “DrewBrees” him, which mean’s they’d pummel him verbally until he relented. If that didn’t work, they’d freeze him out — or they’d just tell the team they won’t suit up until he’s gone. The net effect will be that we will only see BLM-sanctioned messages. Clay’s reasoning is rock solid; but this reason has no play here.

  2. This is a rhetorical question: of course they are not going to permit equal opportunity political expression. The NFL is now also in thrall to the woke hive mind, which tolerates no alternative programming.

    As Clay notes, they are playing with fire. Not just on the business side by alienating their fan base, but as a legal matter: you allow social justice sloganeering but no bible verses, I’d say that’s a cognizable Title VII claim for religious discrimination. By the same token, you allow an African American to champion BLM but prohibit a white player like Witten from from supporting police, that could be construed as discrimination on the basis of race. Pandora’s box has been opened if they go down this road.

    Get woke, go broke, get sued.

  3. This upcoming NFL season is going to be a shit show. I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass what they promote, I’m going to watch football regardless but I know there are a lot of casual fans out there which they will lose over these meaningless gestures.

  4. I think the NFL is walking into quicksand on this one. They’re already going to lose the average conservative fan and now depending on what they allow, they could possibly be losing some hardcore fans too. I personally watch at least 5 games a week. If they do what I think they’re going to do, it will be down to one game a week for me. I’ll only watch my favorite team and the rest I’ll do something else. I know a lot of people, myself included who have seen their last basketball game. I wouldn’t go to a game if they gave me court side seats for free.

    • That is actually a great point I did not think of. The NFL has no where near to fall back in terms of saying “See ya!” to those that don’t fall in line with their Marxist philosophies. (as Mark Cuban pretty much literally said the other day) There is no way in HELL I am watching the NFL is they go political; this and baseball were the 2 leagues I thought had figure this out but here we are again.

  5. What a train wreck of a decision that one can see coming from a mile away. Kinda frustrating to watch because there is not a lot we can do about it. God dang it man, I JUST let the NFL back in my life after I thought the kneeling thing had been dealt with and now it seems COVID19 has somehow required everyone to be a Marxist sympathizers and total pu$$ies. What happened man? Phony, baloney crap I love my guns, I love my freedoms and I think less government is usually a good thing, but I don’t want to see any of THOSE messages on the field either. I don’t care if an athlete agrees with my moral, ethical or political thoughts…any more than I care what Robert Downey or Clint Eastwood think about topics outside of their chosen profession. The ONLY reason I would pay to see those folks is to be entertained and taken out of reality for a couple hours. Introducing their personal thoughts is counter to what I am paying to see them for. As a result, I WILL find other things to do unless and until they figure that out. This is one reason.had hopes for something like the XFL to have success

  6. I think this thread captures what I feel. Like so many, I’ll try to watch, but I have backup plans. Not a casual fan, but I’m sick of this.

    Just a few years ago, football was king on any given Sunday (or Monday or Thursday). Not if they do this SJW garbage.

  7. I’m a 50-year fan of the NFL and a die-hard Packer fan. I have not missed a Packer game, in person or on TV, in more than 30 years. This “ironman” is out. I’m not devoting a dime or a minute of my time to a league that doesn’t value me as a customer. Fuck them. I did not quit the NFL, they quit me.

  8. I used to travel to Redskins away games just to see new teams, stadiums and fans. Not anymore.

    Sporting events are ‘events’ involving sports. Now athletes are being manipulated into thinking sports and the $$ are utilities like water, sewer and electric.

    Time to break up all these athletic unions and collective bargaining. How can a union support one athlete making $400 million (while whining about a virus) vs a practice squad guy making a few hundred bucks a week and desperate for a career?

  9. Worse yet, this will turn into media persecution if players simply “refuse” to put the league approved decals on their helmets to distance themselves from the political frenzy. It’s going to turn into mass virtue signaling on the field, so the media will begin interrogations of any player seen without a sticker honoring a victim of police violence.

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