Will Ferrell Hilariously Shuts Down Heckler At Octavia Spencer’s Walk Of Fame Ceremony

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Last week, actress Octavia Spencer was bestowed one of Hollywood’s highest honors: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Unfortunately, a heckler could have ruined that momentous occasion if not for one Will Ferrell.

Ferrell was one of the featured speakers, along with actress Alison Janney, who was chosen to honor Spencer with the 2,742nd on the Walk of Fame. Spencer was taking her place among entertainment luminaries like the Harlem Globetrotters, the astronauts of Apollo 11, and, of course, Godzilla.

It’s rather fitting that one of Hollywood’s most sacred grounds is on a filthy street where tourists must skip over puddles of urine. Meanwhile, a junkie dressed like a Minon tries to coerce them into taking pictures for $10 a pop.

That’s the magic of Tinsel Town for you.

The LAFC part-owner approached the podium to deliver his remarks about his co-star in the recently released Christmas movie Spirited (because the Walk of Fame is an honor and definitely not something studios can pay for to get some press for their latest films).

However, seeing as this is Hollywood Boulevard, a crazy person was on hand and started yelling.

As Will Ferrell was quick to tell the man: Not on Octavia’s Day!

Will Ferrell Shouted Down The Heckler

Ferrell — who also has a star located conveniently next to radio and comedy legend Eddie Cantor — was speaking when a passerby started yelling about how they were celebrating rich people/

That’s pretty much true, although Bela has a star, and he died penniless, so…

“Message loud and clear,” Ferrell responded to the heckler. “Not on Octavia’s day! Keep it movin’!”

Ferrell and Spencer directed the heckler down the street to a wax museum. Then Ferrell remarked that the heckler had “powerful lungs.”

No fuss, no muss. After that minor disruption and Ferrell hopped right into heaping praise on the Academy Award-winning actress.

Handled like a guy who clearly studied improv at the Groundlings.

Hopefully, this scared off any would-be hecklers from trying to steal attention away from whoever is given the honor of the 2,743rd star.

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