Will Cain Blasts ‘Woke Sickness’ That’s Spreading Across America

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Friday morning on Fox & Friends, host Will Cain blasted the “woke sickness” that is now spread across America.

Cain agreed with President Donald Trump: there’s a “war on history” and there is a need to push forward on patriotic education.

He went on to expose propaganda books “White Fragility” and “How To Be An Anti-Racist.”

“Not only [are these books] a rejection of American values, it is a rejection of values like individualism, free speech, and due process.”


“It is a sickness being taught to our children,” Cain concluded.

As Outkick wrote this week, two Seattle-area schools are utilizing materials for second-graders that teach anti-police narratives, to “take a knee,” and that “white silence=violence.”

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  1. Sorry, sounds more like Will Cain and others playing the white male victim card again. What’s most amazing, the majority of these books are written by other white people. It’s sounds like Will and Outkick see those same white people in the same vein in which some people see Jason Whitlock? Fair is fair right? IJS

  2. Just remember that whatever the Left-rad-marxist-socialists accuse you of…THAT’S what they’re actually doing. They want to live as victims…and sadly teach their children the same self-defeatist theology.
    There is great Black American generational wisdom…and the list of authors is very long…but why teach that to their kids when it’s so much easier to say “white man bad”.

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