Will Cain Crushes Media For Power-Seeking COVID Coverage

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Will Cain, the co-host of Fox & Friends on Fox News, is not afraid to call people out. He’s going to speak the truth, regardless of what others, including his fellow co-hosts, think.

Over the weekend, Cain crushed the media for its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. When Howard Kurtz asked him whether the media had overplayed the coverage and spread fear, Cain had a quick and sharp response.

“The system is not working, and the media is spreading fear on purpose,” Cain responded.

Kurtz then interrupted Cain and asked him why he thought they had done it on purpose.

“Because it’s good for ratings. They’ve been doing it for a year,” Cain said as Fox News contributor Mo Elleithee laughed in the background. “I believe I’m speaking an absolute, objective truth. They’ve been overhyping, over-inflating the fear of walking outside. They’re telling us right now if you’re vaccinated — Dr. Fauci is saying and they’re repeating — if you’re vaccinated, you can’t eat indoors with a friend, that you still need to wear a mask outdoors.

“All of this is anti-science, all of it is something beyond being driven by the data. You tell me, what is it being driven by? A thirst to hang onto power, fear porn, virtue signal … it’s not data and science.”

Of course, the other two in the conversation did not agree. In fact, they countered that Cain’s approach is more ratings driven, which drew an epic facial reaction from Cain. In one last, quick exchange, Cain said, “One of these positions is backed by science, the other is not.”

Bet you can guess which one Cain is referring to.

You can check out that entire segment in the tweet below.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. The media is lying…that’s all they do now, it’s complete propaganda. Look at that idiot Cuomo, who said police reform would only happen if whites started getting killed by police…that’s a ridiculous statement based on a total lie. Whites get killed by police in greater numbers than blacks. Fact…they just don’t cover it or hype it because it doesn’t fit their agenda

  2. Interesting that Mo Elleithee said that spreading good news is a ratings ploy instead of as Will asserted that negative drives it. If that’s true (positive drives ratings) then the rest of the media has had it wrong all along. What a moron.

  3. Mo Elithei is one of the biggest liberal hacks I have ever seen as a contributor on FoxNews.
    In 7 years of watching this cocksucker chime in on this show and on Special Report, not one time- NOT ONE- has he ever agreed with any Republican politician, POTUS or otherwise, not has he ever criticized any Democrat politicians or former President Obama.
    Not once.

    You just can’t tell me it is realistic to live a life in the public view and when you opine on a subject it is always one side every single time that you take and not be considered a downright schill or a Nit.

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