Will Cain Compares New York, Georgia Voting Laws To Demonstrate MLB Hypocrisy

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Major League Baseball made a controversial decision over the weekend to move the All-Star Game out of the state of Georgia because of a new state voting law. That decision has received a lot of backlash, including from Fox & Friends weekend co-host Will Cain.

On Monday morning, Cain shared an informative tweet comparing the voting laws in Georgia to those in New York, where the MLB headquarters can be found. Let’s just say the league is going to have a lot of explaining to do in the near future. Check it out.

Cain wasn’t done either.

He also wanted to compare Georgia’s new voting law with those of Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state. Biden has been critical of the Georgia and has supported moving the MLB All-Star Game.

Let’s just say Biden should have to answer a couple questions too — we all know he won’t though.

On his debut podcast on Monday, Cain elaborated on the topic, saying sports are the ones doing the boycotting.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp joined OutKick founder Clay Travis on his radio show Monday morning, and he notes that these corporate decisions to boycott his state have never been about the actual law, but about political pressure.

“That’s the thing about Major League Baseball,” Kemp told Clay. “It was never about what was in the law. It was about — the same with Delta and Coca-Cola — it was about how much political pressure they were getting that they could not actually stand up to these activists, activist board members or other individual from high-profile people that were protesting them.

“Some big corporate CEOs and some former CEOs that’s basically pressuring these companies when they live in New York and New Jersey themselves that have more restrictive laws than we do. It just does not add up.”


Some people make it so easy for others such as Cain, Kemp and Clay to dunk on them.

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  1. The reason why no one cares about how restrictive NY and Delaware’s voting laws are is because those states will (sadly) always be blue. So glad to see people finally pushing back on the hypocrisy of the left.

  2. What amazes me that no one has spoken of is that MLB is dunking primarily on Atlanta, not Georgia. My understanding is that a high percentage of Atlanta voted Democratic in both the Presidential and Senatorial elections, thus being a prime reason why Georgia went blue. Now MLB, Biden and the Democrats are dunking on the residents and businesses in Atlanta, those very persons who were mainly responsible for putting Biden and the Democrats in office. The rest of Georgia will probably not be that affected. If I were a resident of Atlanta and voted for Biden and the Democrats, I would be pissed off that this is my thanks for supporting that group. Don Owens

    • Basically every blue city gets dunked on by their tyrannical Democrat overlords. They might have lots of burn, loot and murder…but at least they aren’t racist (even though they are).

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