Wild Fight Breaks Out At Golf Course In Infamous South African City

Benoni, South Africa became an Internet sensation back in 2019 when video from the 19th hole at one of the city’s golf courses went viral and put Benoni on the golfing map. In that 2019 case, cheating accusations during a course championship ceremony led to a bar fight and an international incident. Lake Club Benoni issued an apology to the golfing community. It was quite an ordeal.

Then, a few nights after that fight, there was a fight at the Benoni Country Club restaurant that featured some amazing punches that landed cleanly.

Now comes this fight that the locals say is from Benoni, but they’ve yet to specify which course it’s at. Over on the ‘Dude, Where’s My Par’ Facebook Group page, user Jarry Farrington explains what’s going on here.

“According to new intel received, the guy that loses his shirt had lost his phone earlier in the round. He drove back to the group behind him to ask if they had seen it but they said no, to prank him. Only after the round did they give it back, which led to the below,” Farrington wrote.

Here’s the infamous 2019 incident at Lake Club Benoni that put Benoni on the map and led to many golfers adding the South African city to their wish list. Let’s just say you better be ready to drop the gloves if you plan on cheating or pranking a guy over his phone in this golfing community.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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