Wild Brawl At A Providence Bar Features Beer Bottles & Chairs Being Used As Weapons

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A brawl at a Providence bar over the weekend had just about everything you could ever imagine. Beer bottles were sent flying, chairs were used as weapons, and there were bodies scattered all over the floor.

Those all seem like normal things you would see when a wild brawl takes place at a bar.

What you don’t often see, and this brawl had, is a referee. To be clear it’s not known if this is a sanctioned referee or just some guy that likes to put on the zebra stripes.

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Whatever the case, in the middle of the melee, he briefly pops up on the video. He doesn’t appear to be participating in the fight, only observing the action.

Take a look at the insane video:

Someone brought a gun to a beer bottle and chair fight

After the dust settled at the Mi Sueño club, Providence police said that one man was arrested. It’s hard to imagine after half the bar went completely insane that only one man committed a crime, but that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

Alexander Burgos Cerda, 20, was arrested after police discovered a gun in his fanny pack. He was charged with possession of a gun without a license.

The bar had it’s own troubles to clear up after the wild brawl. According to the Chair of the Washington Park Association, Linda Perri, the bar has been a “problem location” for a while now.

“[Mi Sueño] has been a problem location for at least a decade,” she said. “We don’t want people running through our streets at 3 a.m. drunk with guns.”

The bar was allowed to reopen on Wednesday after a Providence Board of Licenses hearing. In order to reopen the bar had to agree to a few terms.

The bar had to postpone Sunday’s car show, increase security, and only serve drinks in paper or plastic cups.

There you have it, problem solved! There won’t be any beer bottles and chairs flying at Mi Sueño anytime soon.

Written by Sean Joseph

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