Wild Brawl Involves As Many As 25 Customers At Missouri Walmart

A wild brawl at a Walmart in Missouri broke out this week in the self-checkout area of the store. It’s estimated to have involved as many as 25 customers.

The chaotic scene at the Ferguson, Missouri store took place at around 9 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Video of the brawl — which has since gone viral — shows a flurry of punches and kicks being thrown by several people. At one point a pole is pulled out and used as a weapon.

Still shot of Walmart fight
Walmart fight (Suzy Bee/TikTok)

Some Go To Walmart To Shop, Some Go To Fight

There don’t appear to be any employees or security guards attempting to break things up. People are seen fighting until they get tired of swinging. On top of that there were no arrests made when the chaos finally came to an end.

According to Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall, they’ve never seen anything like this before. He estimated that there were anywhere between 10 to 25 customers involved.

“We’ve never had an incident that involved 20 individuals in a brawl like that in a department store. I don’t really see the purpose of it,” McCall said.

Videos of the fight went viral on social media. That’s where the Police Chief says he viewed the “disgraceful” content along with more than two million others.

Police have been able to identify some of the customers involved in the wild fight. At this time no charges have been filed but that is expected to change. According to McCall, Walmart plans to prosecute those involved for property damage.

This is just the latest reminder to keep your head on a swivel wherever you go. A quick run to a Walmart for some ice cream on a Tuesday night could turn into an all-out brawl with fellow customers at the self-checkouts.

Written by Sean Joseph

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