Whole Foods Selling Mystery Meat To Americans: Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

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You know that overpriced meat you bought at Whole Foods thinking it was just so much better?

Well, wait till you hear this … it’s time for Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts.

Tomi bets you thought the up-charge on everything at Whole Foods — specifically meat products — meant you were getting something much better because you were paying much more. Well, think again.

Whole Foods is being sued, class action style, for their beef marketing slogan claiming “no antibiotics ever” after recent independent lab tests revealed that Whole Foods’ beef contained antibiotic and other pharmaceutical residue, meaning that cattle had been treated with antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals.

Now this isn’t just a problem because it’s essentially false advertising, it’s also a problem because according to the nonprofit “Farm Forward” that contamination can lead to serious health risks due to antibiotic resistant bacteria and so on and so forth.

“Moral of the story, according to these recent lab tests, Whole Foods is allegedly in deep cow doo-doo and so are all of you who have been paying a steep and premium price for this supposedly ‘better beef,'” she said.

“Y’all know I’m very passionate about this particular topic because I come from generations of American ranchers — ranchers who have been screwed by the meat packers and a lucrative industry that undercuts them and you, the consumer!”

Tomi emphasized that the industry has to regulations in place to indicate to consumers where meat is from —there is no country of origin labeling on beef products here in the USA.

“Our American ranches are being undercut and there is NOTHING they can do about it,” Tomi said.

The American born, bred, and raised livestock is slaughtered and labeled “product of USA” same as the Brazilian product that’s shipped over here.

Are they the same? No. Do they sit side by side in the grocery store at the same price with the same “product of USA” label? Yes.

Did you know beef can carry that “product of USA” label even if it was simply packaged here?!

Does that seem right to anyone? I would sure hope not.

The four big meat packers who control — and Tomi means TOTALLY control — the packing industry are not just in the business of packing meat, but screwing over our American Ranchers.

Yes, Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS and National Beef Packing Co — Tomi is talking about you.

They control the industry and they control the price. They also control the cut rate foreign beef they are importing and selling to the American public as “product of USA” when most of it is not.

“You don’t know the origin of your beef and you ought to. Not only does that help our American Ranchers differentiate their superior product from the cheap foreign crap sent over here from God knows where, it allows YOU — the consumer — to make the choice,” she said.

Tomi said the big meat packers love that fact because they can undercut American Ranchers and pay them less for their product because it goes undifferentiated from the foreign stuff, yet you’re still paying an inflated price.

But Tomi has a simple solution — the federal government needs to enforce the anti-trust laws already on the books to hold these meat packers accountable and to put their feet to the fire and two, we need country of origin labels on our beef products.

“This is a bipartisan issue,” she said. “We can’t just point the finger at grocery stores, or Joe Brandon and then sit idly by as the problem worsens year after year till there are no independent family ranches left. So let’s get to work and solve it not only for the sake of our American Ranchers but for the sake of the consumer who deserves to know where their food is coming from and pay a fair price for it.”

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