White Sox Broadcaster Apologizes To Lance Lynn For Implying He’s Fat

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Everyone is so sensitive. You can’t even tell someone to go eat a salad these days.

White Sox color commentator Steve Stone has apologized to pitcher Lance Lynn for making comments about his weight.

The first month of the season has been brutal for Lynn. In six starts, he’s 0-4 with a 7.16 ERA.

And at 270 pounds, Lynn isn’t exactly in fighting shape.

“[Lynn]’s had a lot of leg issues and other things,” Stone said on 1070 The Score. “If cardiovascularly it’s bothering him with the pitch clock, maybe a couple salads would help.”


“And I don’t know if he’s having problems with that,” Stone continued. “But if that is a problem, then maybe if you improve your cardiovascular by losing a couple pounds or doing whatever he’s gonna do to work out.”

Call me insensitive, but I don’t think Stone’s comments are out of line. When you get paid millions of dollars to play a sport, there’s a reasonable expectation people might comment on your physical fitness.

Especially when you are struggling.

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Nevertheless, Stone apologized to Lance Lynn on Friday.

He posted the apology publicly on Twitter.

“A few days ago, I made a comment on radio about Lance Lynn and his weight as it pertained to endurance,” Stone said. “I made a mistake and I take full responsibility. No excuses and no rationalizations. I was wrong. Lance and I spoke yesterday and I apologized. He accepted and we shook hands.”

The thing is, though, if you’re performing at a high level, no one cares if you’re a little thick.

We all watched CC Sabathia launch absolute heaters on his way to six All-Star selections, a Cy Young Award, an ALCS MVP, two MLB wins titles and a World Series ring.

And that dude was huge.

But morale is generally low on Chicago’s South Side anyway. And Lance Lynn isn’t their only problem.

As of publication, the White Sox are tied for the league’s second-worst record at 7-21. They’ve lost 10 in a row, and they’re well on their way to being swept in a third-straight series.

Lynn’s next scheduled start is Friday in Cincinnati. Maybe he and Steve Stone can grab some Skyline Chili while they’re there.

Written by Amber Harding

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