White House Supports Hammer Thrower Stance

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Look, if you were able to get a private moment with Joe Biden, and you asked him his thoughts on the “activist athlete” hammer thrower who turned her back on the national anthem, he would probably take another bite of Jell-O and ask you what year it is.

His press secretary, though, tried to straddle the fence with typical political-speak, citing a “great respect” for the anthem tempered with the faithful Democratic narrative that our country is fundamentally flawed and needs overhauling.

Democrats will continue clinging to the call for radical change in perpetuity because it creates two important assumptions for them: one, that the world is a hotbed of ugliness that needs correcting instead of celebrating (which creates a market for their services), and two, that only their brand of policy-making can deliver the depressed masses from their own miserable lives. The genius in the ruse lies in liberal voters’ unwillingness to consider that the person creating their discontent could ever be the same person advocating for it as well, even though nothing serves generational leftist leadership more than failure. It’s a morphine drip that weak minds just can’t shake. Just look at this country’s major cities. Nothing really changes for the better, yet the one thing that stays the same is that they all vote blue.

Activist athletes like Gwen Berry, the righteously indignant hammer thrower, have been tricked by some very clever propaganda, and now find some bit of relief from the Democratically-inflicted pain in the form of rebellion. When you have been artificially subdued your entire life by leaders who claim to care about you in one breath and then call you inferior in the next, what else will develop but a latent hatred for life itself? You shouldn’t be surprised at all that these selfish public displays continue to happen; when you’re stuck in indignation, a little rage probably feels good.

So thanks to the rage of emotionally manipulated people, Democrats get to both spread the disease and sell the cure. It’s a disgusting cycle that has worked for decades and is only picking up steam.

But take a second look at that podium. Look at the young woman on top, DeAnna Price, beaming from ear to ear, soaking in the moment of realization that she gets to compete on the world’s stage. Her joy is palpable—the accumulation of years of practice and dedication paying off in the form of unadulterated athletic achievement. No matter her personal politics, in that moment of triumph, her spirit was uncluttered by the manipulative sludge of leftist rhetoric. The competition sharpened her, and the beautiful intensity of the moment called her to a place that transcended the pettiness of for-profit discontent. Her pride in herself, and in the opportunity to represent her country on the grandest of stages, truly beamed from within. It was a moment she will never forget, even though a lesser competitor tried to hijack it with theatrics.

EUGENE, OREGON – JUNE 26: DeAnna Price celebrates finishing first in the Women’s Hammer Throw final on day nine of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials at Hayward Field on June 26, 2021 in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

And that’s exactly how we’ll vanquish this manipulative foe which has convinced so many weak, poisoned minds to prefer discontent over glory. The incredible power of sports lies in its ability to transcend petty narratives and instead award those with merit without compunction. The strong among us, free from the debilitating hooks of liberalism, must set an example of strength. We must celebrate life like DeAnna Price celebrated her victory, so that those stuck in mental bondage will see our example and be inspired to rise above liberalism, too. Let the left go on hating themselves. We can show them the power of pride through our love for America and for our neighbors.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. “the faithful Democratic narrative that our country is fundamentally flawed and needs overhauling.”

    I’m guessing they mean things like Joe Biden’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement act of 1994?

    • Freddy, the same exact sentiment has been brewing in me as well. I’m just being honest lol

      To much more of this and I’m at the point where I don’t have ears for any of it. At all. Zero.
      I’ll buy your ticket back to Rwanda or Nigeria if you want (?)

  2. But it’s not about the Anthem, right? Fuck ’em all. I hate anyone who kneels for the Anthem. But to do it while actually competing FOR the country????? Give me a break. Seriously, you’re representing the country you compete for. If that’s how you feel, go compete for someone else. I hope her shoulder falls off on her next throw so she can begin her career working at McDonald’s sooner than later.

  3. Bear in mind. She is just simple and easily manipulated. Sadly many are. Fortunately we will likely hear nothing more from her. As she may be toward the top of her chosen event she will be an after thought among the individuals competing.

  4. When this crap happened under Trump he was blamed directly as the root cause of racial animosity. Why does Biden get a pass? I mean, if you kneel while Biden is president doesn’t that mean you’re against him? Isn’t he causing division too? That was the whole line of thinking last time with the NFL kneelers and whatnot. It was essentially a protest against Trump. What changed?

  5. This “woman” got what she wanted. No one could have cared other than her family and coaches about the women who finished 3rd in the US women’s hammer throw. Now her “bravery” are all over the news. She got what she wanted. Just ignore idiots like this lady and don’t give it attention.

    • Exactly. The last thing that should be done is kicking her off the team. It will just extend her 15 minutes and increase her victim complex. Let her go to the Olympics and finish about 20th and let’s all move on with our lives. People are interested when a Super Bowl QB pulls this stunt. Not so much when a hammer thrower does it 5 years later.

      • That’s right. Who fucking cares, the chances of this person winning a medal at the Olympics is pretty slim at best. Also, its deeper than that, I think we as Americans need to hold people accountable for their bullshit “protests” and not just agree. We need to ask these folks to name oppressive things that occur in America in 2021, name things that aren’t equitable. If there is just the same old platitudes with no empirical proof, then don’t pay attention. No one can fix a problem if they don’t know what the problem is.

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