White Guy Awarded Millions By Jury In Reverse Discrimination Case After Diversity & Inclusion Team’s Misstep

White guy David Duvall, a former North Carolina hospital marketing executive, has several million dollars in the bank, pending appeal, thanks to a federal jury that decided his firing was a form of reverse discrimination.

The federal jury in Charlotte announced Tuesday that Duvall, who in 2018 was fired from his job at Novant Health where he served as senior vice president of marketing and communications, should be paid $10 million in punitive damages. Duvall’s claim was that he’d been fired as the Novant Health diversity and inclusion team started making itself known within the company.

After being fired in 2018, the company split Duvall’s job between two women — one white and one black. The white woman had served under him in the department while the black woman was moved into the position of Chief Marketing Officer, according to The Daily Mail.

An attorney for Duvall argued that his client was fired as part of the company’s “five year plan” to show diversity by 2020. The attorney wrote in the lawsuit that Novant had fired other white executives as part of this diversity and inclusion plan, including the Chief Legal Officer, Medical Group President, Chief Information Officer, Patient Experience Officer and President of Haymarket Medical Center.

David Duvall / Henry Ford Health System

In each of the cases, the attorney says that Novant replaced white men with a black person or a woman.

Luke Largess told the Daily Mail that his client, who now lives in Michigan, isn’t anti-diversity and inclusion, but added that firing people just to create job opportunities isn’t the right approach.

“Mr. Duvall was committed to D&I, sat on a system committee to promote it and his team created marketing materials,” the attorney stated. “The case is about the fact that you cannot fire people just to create opportunities to fill positions. It is not a case against Diversity and Inclusion.”

Novant says it will “pursue all legal options, including appeal, over the next several weeks and months.”

Duvall found employment with the Henry Ford Health System in 2019, but was fired in January 2020 after less than a year on the job. At the time, two sources told Crain’s that Henry Ford wasn’t aware that Duvall had been fired from Novant in 2018.

Crain’s further reported that Henry Ford Health System CEO Wright Lassiter III actually apologized to departments managed by Duvall for hiring him after it was learned that he had filed a reverse discrimination lawsuit in North Carolina.

It’s unclear whether Duvall will have a wrongful termination case in Michigan as well.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. He will have another lawsuit he will win. You can’t fire people based on their skin color or gender. Period. And you can’t fire someone for filing a discrimination lawsuit. Cha Ching. Dude is not going to have to work again. Most people don’t like being told that skin color is important in hiring decisions.

  2. I recently retired from a very large, multi-national refining/petrochemical company that no one is familiar.

    About 10 years ago, I was one of two people who applied for a recently vacated position. I had very similar experiences as the person who vacated the position after a promotion. I was not interviewed. The day the internal posting came down, it was announced that a person had been promoted into the position as a “developmental” move for HER career path.

    When I requested some information related to the process filling the job, I was investigated by the Human Resources department for claiming discrimination. I was 50+ years old with 20+ years time with the company.

    After my complaint/request, I still received annual compensation increases, but was never promoted again, even when I assumed two positions for more than a year.

    I was very happy when a headcount reduction effort was announced that provided a generous separation with subsidized medical insurance.

  3. Glad he won the case. Why is it being called “reverse” discrimination though? It should just be discrimination…. This reverse nonsense is implying only white people can do the discriminating…. Words matter

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