Whip ‘Em Out Wednesday: YouTuber Becomes Latest OnlyFans Overnight Millionaire

YouTuber and video game streamer Corrina Kopf recently claimed to have earned over $1M in two days, thanks to starting an OnlyFans page, a new social platform that offers personalized interaction with subscribers. However, the site has gained notoriety mostly because the adult industry has all but taken it over.


Many amateur performers turned to OnlyFans amidst job losses in the pandemic last year, and many of them made staggering amounts of money doing so, certainly more than they earned at their previous professions.

A select few though, like Kopf, have made their forays into adult streaming a short-term publicity stunt, often with massive paydays. Thanks to her little online lemonade stand of seduction, Corrina joins some rarified air of legendary smut-peddlers who have pulled off the Weekend at Bernie’s—two days in and out, braindead, and still ready to party.


Dr. Evil may have been mocked for thinking one million dollars was a nice payday, but I tend to agree with him. Making seven figures doing anything is impressive; doing it by taking off your clothes and shaking your goodies—pretty much everyone’s pre-shower routine already—is doubly impressive.


To convince a couple hundred thousand dudes to part with real money in exchange for nudes is harder than you think. Consider how much free porn exists on the internet, or how many other options exist on OnlyFans alone. And yet, Kopf was able to waltz in and corner the market with nothing more than lower back problems and a vlogging audience.

So what have we learned?


Well first, there’s obviously a lot of guys slinging a lot of dough around on OnlyFans, which always surprises me. To fork over cash for porn is like going to the garden store and asking to buy some weeds.

But with this many paying customers out there, chances are you probably know one of them; you probably shake his hand once in a while. Be a friend and tell him about Google.

That is, of course, unless OutKick ever gives me the greenlight to start the non-nude OnlyFans account I’ve been kicking around called Post Nut Clarity, a group where we discuss how rookies could better invest their first pro sports contracts. In that case, I welcome your newfound perspective and your five dollars.


Second, the bar for greatness has been set.

Three hundred wins in baseball, a milly on OnlyFans in overnight take — both are a one-way ticket to Cooperstown, as well as a testament to arm strength.

Of course, Cy Young finished with nearly double that wins figure, and he got the award for best pitcher named after him. So when some hot young thing comes in and shatters Corrina’s record, will it be time to finally give this invisible championship belt a proper name? Or do we go a different route and name it ourselves, à la the WWE? Let me know what you think.


Lastly, as the boss often says, hot girl privilege is the realest of all privileges.

This girl Corrina rolls out of bed and earns seven figures just for shaking what her mama gave her. Can you imagine the sugar daddy money she’s going to make after the online market dries up? I bet her DMs look like an AA meeting on New Year’s Day: just thirsty dudes everywhere introducing themselves one after another.

One thing is for sure, it’s time to recognize how much juice these online “celebrities” with millions of stalkers followers really have. Joke about the gamer nerds all you want, but they’re raising a dehydrated horn-dog army that would make the late Hugh Hefner nod in approval. These locker-fillers may not be able to build a treehouse, but they can certainly pitch a tent, and their busty overlords are making a killing off of their love of camping right now.


So sit back, relax, subscribe to me on Twitch, and enjoy these fully-clothed pictures of a gal on her way to the top. Whether that’s the top of pop culture or the top of a stripper pole remains to be seen. For now, we can just appreciate a future legend of streaming in her prime, and then afterwards all meet up on OnlyFans for a nice discussion on portfolio diversification and asset management.

Oh, and one last time, she just made a MILLION dollars. Follow me on Bitter @outkicktommy.


Written by TK Sanders


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