Which Tennessee Loss Has Been Hardest For Clay Travis To Move On From?

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Clay Travis hates the Florida Gators and he isn’t shy about it. How much does he resent all the Vols’ losses to the Gators? OutKick’s Caity McDuffee asked:

“There’s a lot of brutal, devastating, I can’t sleep at night losses,” Clay said. “I hate the Florida Gators. They have ruined many of my fall Saturdays, especially because these games are always played in September, usually.”

Here’s everything he had to say:

“I would say the Jabar Gaffney catch that was ruled a catch, even though it was not a catch to win on the road at Neyland and I still have not recovered from after over 20 years,” he said.


“The Hail Mary late was absolutely brutal. The fact that I have lost so much money betting on the University of Tennessee, won one in 16 in the last 17 games, all of that. But I would say the Jabar Gaffney catch is the most brutal loss that’s out there. So that’s the one that that still stings sort of in the craw. Best win is 2000 won on the road in the swamp, and then 98.”

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