Where In The World Is Aaron Rodgers? He’s In Hawaii Singing & Dancing

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Where is Aaron Rodgers if he isn’t in Green Bay taking part in OTAs? Well, according to Instagram posts that popped up over the weekend, he was in a Hawaiian restaurant with his future wife Shailene Woodley on a couples retreat with actor Miles Teller and his actress wife Keleigh Sperry Teller.

The couples enjoyed dancing to a Hawaiian musician who played the hits and then turned over his guitar so the future Hall of Fame quarterback could strum “Wagon Wheel” with his future wife on vocals.

Back on the mainland, things are starting to get very serious for the Packers as Rodgers passed up $500k to take part in the OTAs. The QB hasn’t changed his stance that he wants out of Green Bay, and from the look of things over the weekend, it doesn’t seem like he’s too miserable in the life he’s leading right now.


Is Denver the key to happiness for Rodgers? I’ve written multiple times about how the Broncos are stuck in a crazy spot right now. They have the Chiefs and Mahomes firmly in front of them for the next decade unless they figure out how to compete and fast. The Raiders now have stability with a world-class facility that can attract free agents. And the Chargers have their franchise guy. The Broncos could be looking at a battle to get out of last place on a yearly basis, unless they make a bold move here.

Rodgers turns 38 in December. Does John Elway kick the tires on a guy who could retire on a whim and fly off to Hawaii with his kooky future wife? Or does he sit still, tank for a college quarterback and hope to compete for the division in five years when Mahomes has some wear on the body?

After watching the guy with a man bun in Hawaii, I’d be real careful giving up the farm for a guy who’s as unpredictable as they come.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Dude has gone Hollywood, lost perspective…not a good look for him to be doing this while his teammates are working to get ready for the season, he’ gonna lose the fan support even more…he better play lights out if he comes back

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