Aaron Rodgers Isn’t At Packers OTA, Loses $500K Bonus

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Aaron Rodgers did not report to Lambeau Field on Monday for the start of organized team activities, ESPN first reported.

“Rodgers did not participate in phase 1, which the Packers held virtually for the previous four weeks, or phase 2, which was held in person last week.” ESPN adds.

“Phase 3, which includes 10 total days of work spread over four weeks, began Monday. The first session open to reporters is Tuesday.”

What’s interesting is that Rodgers’ recent absences could cost him money. Though the entire offseason program, save for the June 8-10 mandatory minicamp, is voluntary, Rodgers has an offseason workout bonus. Rodgers has now missed enough to disqualify him from the $500,000 bonus.

For a guy like Rodgers, $500,000 can’t buy integrity. However, the bonus previously meant something to him. Rob Demovsky notes that Rodgers had been a regular participant in the offseason program and OTAs throughout his career.

This year’s no-shows will be undoubtedly tied to reports that Rodgers wants out of Green Bay and that he may have already played his last game as a Packer.

We should know just how serious Rodgers’ threats are in the coming weeks and months.

Should Rodgers continue staying home and probably drinking Scotch, it’s going to get pricey. If the QB with the great mustache doesn’t report for next month’s minicamp, he is subject to a fine of $93,085 ($15,515 for the first day, $31,030 for the second, and $46,540 for the third missed day). Then comes training camp time, when each skipped day comes with a mandatory fine of $50,000 and one week’s regular-season salary for each preseason game missed.

It’s about to get real.

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  1. Also, a life-long Packers fan…of course, these fines can be hashed out and recouped in any sort of a new deal…however, when his teammates are working, and he’s in Hawaii partying with friends, it sends the wrong message…and he’s putting the coaches and team in a bad spot as they try to plan for the season. It’ll be an interesting, long drawn out process…my guess is he plays 1 more year in GB, then the Pack agrees to a trade. If he does come back, Rodgers better play great…everyone forgets last year was his first healthy season in a long time, and he had a good enough team to win a SB…three and out twice down by 5 in 4Q vs Tampa was a big fail, not all his fault, but can’t see Brady doing that if roles were reversed.

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