‘Wheel of Fortune’ Justin Has A Historically Bad Night Spinning The Wheel

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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Justin had one of those nights in television history that you just want to forget.

Justin Orscheln, an assistant principal at Eagle Heights Elementary School in Missouri didn’t have luck on his side Tuesday when he made his ‘Wheel’ debut. By the time it was all said and done, the school administrator had lost his turn FIVE times and the craziness even continued into the show’s ‘Final Spin’ segment where a contestant spins to determine the dollar value of each letter.

More on that later.

The show started just fine for Justin, who picked up a quick $2,000, but then his luck swung in a big way. He told the New York Post that the first couple of bankruptcy spins didn’t cause him anguish because it’s typical for the show.

‘Wheel of Fortune Justin had one of the worst nights spinning the wheel in show history this week when he kept hitting bankrupt and lose a turn. / Instagram

“However, the subsequent bankruptcies and Lose a Turns were a blow to the ego for sure,” he explained to the Post.

Things got so bad for Justin that show host Pat Sajak even dropped a “And Justin, there is no spinning” line before the contestants battled it out during the triple tossup.

The final insult of the night came during the final spin when Sajak told Justin to give the wheel a twirl to see what dollar value each letter would have.

You guessed it, Justin’s first spin hit “Lose a turn.”

But, because this is Final Spin, the wheel spinner keeps going until he/she lands on a dollar value. On his second spin, Justin hit $650 and Sajak could rest easy that Justin’s night of terror was officially over. Let’s go to the tape.

The good news for Justin is that he went home with $2,000 and his moment of wheel failure will fade off into the sunset while other ‘Wheel’ disasters live on in infamy. At least Justin doesn’t have to go through life like the Indiana student who, in 2014, suffered one of the worst fails in show history with a bunch of money on the line and the Million Dollar tag sitting in front of him.

At least Justin can sleep at night after his Wheel issues.

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