WKU Basketball Players Exposed For Allegedly Sliding Into DMs Of Multiple Girls On Night Before Road Loss

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Western Kentucky basketball traveled to Boca Raton, FL over the weekend for its road matchup against No. 21 Florida Atlantic. While there, players allegedly slid into the DMs of multiple girls on the night before the game.

In apparent screenshots posted online by the women with whom the Hilltoppers were conversing, pieces of the puzzle start to add up. The female Owls appear to have set up their school’s opponents with plans to expose them.

All of the conversations occurred on a dating app on Friday night, according to the date on the images. In two of the four instances, the players initiated the conversation. In the other two, the girls led the charge.

One player said that his focus was not on the game, but on the girl.

Western Kentucky basketball players’ alleged DMs.

Another player was asked if he was stuck in the hotel. Many college programs have rules about curfew, leaving the hotel and/or visitation on the night prior to games.

This Western Kentucky player said that he was not stuck at the hotel, at which point the girl said that she was already on her way over.

Western Kentucky basketball players’ alleged DMs.

When asked how many points he was going to score against FAU — by a different girl — the same player said that his performance depended on if she would “give him good luck.”

Western Kentucky basketball players’ alleged DMs.

A third player said something similar to what his teammate alluded in his message about luck. He needed the girl to “come get him ready.”

Western Kentucky basketball players’ alleged DMs.

This is not the first time that a college athlete hit up women while on the road. It will not be the last.

Getting put on blast, though, is a tough look.

And if the alleged messages weren’t bad enough, a TikTok video makes it even worse. An FAU student claimed that she and her friend both matched with the same WKU basketball player.

He supposedly told one girl to come over right away, and told another that he “needed 30 minutes to shower.” They both arrived at the same time and trolled him over the conflicting messages.

To make matters worse, Western Kentucky lost and FAU fans had a field day in the stands.

You hate to see it, Hilltoppers.

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